GE Healthcare networking solutions enable you to send clinical information from the point of origin to the point of consumption with speed and efficiency. GE’s monitoring networks, device interfacing solutions, data servers and gateways help you manage Clinical Information Logistics™ across your organization by connecting patient monitoring data and other sources of clinical intelligence with the people who need it, helping to improve decision-making and provider performance.


Open Interfaces

GE Healthcare offers numerous verified interfaces that provide secure and effective access to patient data by protecting the integrity and performance of the individual device and overall patient monitoring and therapy systems:

  • The CARESCAPETM Gateway, which enables bi-directional data transfer between a hospital information system (HIS) or a clinical information system (CIS) using the HL7® protocol standard. It also provides near-real-time patient numeric and waveform data for clinical researchers, electronic medical record (EMR) systems, and nearly all third-party users.
  • Connectivity directly from the CARESCAPETM modular monitors, B40 Monitor, DashTM Monitors, and Solar Monitors via the serial interface. Additionally, the B40 Monitor has an available interface using the HL7 protocol standard.
  • Connectivity directly from GE anesthesia delivery machines (AisysTM CarestationTM, Aisys CS2, AvanceTM Carestation, Avance CS2, AespireTM, Aespire View, AestivaTM) and the CARESCAPE R860 ventilator via the serial interface.

Many external products have successfully utilized these interfaces in order to access patient data. Additional information can be found in the following attachments.

GE Capsule Connectivity - Critical Care [PDF]

GE Capsule Connectivity - Perioperative Care [PDF]

GE Iatric Connectivity [PDF]