• Keep up with the pace of your busy ICU, while delivering individualized respiratory care.

Virtual Demo

Hear what clinicians have to say about the CARESCAPE R860 Ventilator

  • Simplify transition to high flow oxygen therapy with the CARESCAPE R860 ventilator

  • Lung Protective Ventilation
    Help reduce pulmonary complications

Lung Protective Strategies in the ICU

See how lung protective ventilation tools operate on the CARESCAPE R860 Ventilator.
  • Intuitive, individualized weaning with the CARESCAPE R860 ventilator

Nutrition Therapy Support - may help reduce length of stay

ICU Impact of Nutrition

Length of Stay: Calculate the ICU impact

Calculate LOS impact

Ventilator Tour

ep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-carescape -r860 adult 003 adult screen_new_jpg
  • 360° alarm light

    tegories-respiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-img_1741_hires_jpg
  • 15” touch display

    espiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-carescape r860 display 2_jpg
  • Integrated keypad & trim knob

    categoriesrespiratoryandsleepcarescape r860 hotspot tour imagesfrontr860keypadjpg
  • Multi-use components

    tegories-respiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-img_1831_hires_jpg
  • Inspiratory safety guard

    tegories-respiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-img_1829_hires_jpg
  • Dovetail to support adjustable mounting rail (both sides)

    uct-categories-respiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-picture1_jpg
  • Optional airway module bay (mount either side)

    categoriesrespiratoryandsleepcarescape r860 hotspot tour imagesfrontmodule dockjpg
  • Locking casters (all lock)

    duct-categories-respiratory-and-sleep-carescape r860 hotspot tour images-front-casters_jpg

CARESCAPE R860 Specifications