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Versana Essential Software Features

  • NEW: Whizz - one-touch, dynamic image optimization
  • Scan Assistant - Basic and advanced protocols for obstetric, gynecological and abdominal scans
  • Scan Coach - Real-time reference information to help locate the correct scan plane. Read more
  • My Trainer - Product training modules with tips and information to configure the system and maximize workflow Read more
  • SonoBiometry - Automated fetal measurements
  • Auto IMT - Automated measurement of IMT (Intima-media thickeness)

Versana Essential

Explore the features of Versana Essential

  • Connectivity

    VGA, HDMI, S-video, USB, Ethernet, Wireless, Bluetooth.
  • Ergonomics

    Front facing connectors for easy access. Small foot print. Light weight. Front and rear handles for easy maneuvering. 16:9 led backlit high-resolution monitor.
  • Monitor screen:

    Low reflective. 16:9 wide screen. Led backlit high resolution monitors.
  • Probe holders

    Probe holders. Gel holder.
  • Probe ports

    Front facing connectors for easy access.
  • Wheels

    360 degree directional wheels. Easy lock and release mechanism.

Clinical images

View clinical images from the Versana Essential ultrasound machine.

See how the Versana Essential ultrasound machine can help improve your diagnostic capability.