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We can help you in your mission to study the role of nutrition and food science in achieving peak human performance in your athletes.
At a Glance

Advanced tools for body composition insights

Help achieve peak human performance in your athletes

DXA body scanning technology

precisely measure lean and fat mass in the body

Smarter scanning with optional DXAVision

Faster total body scans for a better experience

The power to maximize performance

For competitive athletes, changes to body composition can significantly impact performance. By monitoring distribution of fat and lean mass, along with bone density, athletes and trainers receive valuable information to maximize performance.

Metabolic Information (Advanced Body Comp)

Tools to help athletes understand impact of diet, lifestyle and exercise on health and performance. Color Coding of Body Composition (lean, fat and bone distribution) images. Metabolic results include RMR, RSMI, BMC, fat and lean trending and more.
Color mapping tool to set threshold adjustments to fat%.1

Sports Athletics Package

Smart scanning lets you easily select body regions to scan and report on, including Total Body Less Head (TBLH) and Smaller Body Composition. Use Smaller Body Composition (ROI) to monitor body symmetry and track injury recovery. Data can be help to develop rehabilitation programs.

Advanced Analytics

Provides deep analytic insights with custom equations, metrics and ratios based on 200+ parameters. Use to generate bone and body composition insights that can be applied across your athlete population (including retrospectively).

Smarter scanning with DXAVision™

To assess body composition, traditional Total Body exams scan the entire body and are one of the most time-consuming sites for a DXA exam. With new scan acquisition methods, DXAVision now offers a better experience that reduces both scan time and dose.

DXAVision provides a variety of benefits:
• Scans that are up to 40% faster than traditional Total Body exams2
• Three options for faster Total Body exams
• Lower radiation dose3
• Improve operator efficiency with a time-saving exam protocol
• Comprehensive reporting for BMD and body composition together4
1. Color Mapping available on Lunar iDXA only.
2. Advanced body composition application overview - JB47869XX
3. Jone W, Pearson A, Hind K, et al. 2022 Precision of the GE Lunar Total Body-LessHead Scan for the Measurement of Three-Compartment Body Composition inAthletes. J Clin Densitom 25(4): 692-698
4. Corescan for VAT and SAT, Sarcopenia, and AFF are all optional features thatmust be purchased for results to appear within DXAVision reporting

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