Flexible Bone Health and Metabolic Health offerings to fit your care area

Bone Health & Metabolic Health Portfolio

We offer a portfolio of DXA solutions that address your specific needs. Features include GE's latest generation technology, a wide range of applications and practice- management tools, all aimed at helping you protect the vitality of your patients and your business.
  • DXA Technology from GE Healthcare

     Superior Technology. Reliable Results.
    The DXA Technology from GE Healthcare is built on a strong foundation of superior technology keeping the patient in mind. Our technology results in higher precision and accuracy, while keeping dosage to the minimum. Thousands of physicians and technologists trust and deploy our DXA technology in numerous research and clinical applications.

    What makes our DXA technology stand out?

    • Narrow Fan Beam Scan
      Patented narrow fan beam technology combines the best features of pencil beams (no magnification, low dose) with the short scan time of wide fan beams while reducing magnification error inherent to wide-angle fan beam systems.
    • Multi-View Image Reconstruction (MVIR)
      Using narrow fan beam technology, our DXA systems perform multiple, spaced and transverse sweeps across the site of interest resulting in accurate determination of bone-height above the tabletop, minimization of magnification errors, and thereby providing higher precision and accuracy.
    • Low Scattered Radiation
      Due to narrow-fan beam technology, low scatter radiation in comparison to wide-angle fan beam systems.
    • Photon Counting Detector
      Dose-efficient photon counting detector technology simultaneously counts low and high energy X-rays photons resulting in lower dosage to the patient and faster and efficient scans.
    • SmartScanTM
      Unique feature exclusive to our DXA systems identifies bone regions after each transverse sweep to estimate where to begin exposing the patient to X-rays on the subsequent sweep, thereby reducing the scan time and the dose to the patient.
    • K-edge Filter
      A unique K-edge filter at the X-ray source that absorbs the X-rays in the middle energy range and protects the patient against unnecessary exposure.
    • Multi-User Database Access (MUDBA)
      The Multi-User Database Access (MUDBA) feature permits multiple computer workstations to access DXA scan files simultaneously, even remotely – allowing up to 40 remote computers to be connected. Multiple images from our DXA systems can be saved in a common database.
    • ScanCheckTM
      Our ScanCheck functionality assists the operator in detecting Spine, Femur, Forearm and Total Body abnormalities. ScanCheck provides guidelines to minimize operator error through identification of potential measurement and/or analysis errors.
    • Automatic Scan Mode Detection
      Depending on the size of the patient, our software automatically selects one of the scan modes for the DXA scan out of the four possible options – thick, standard, thin and small.
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  • Over 44 years of Innovation and Technology Leadership

    For more than 44 years, we have been a leader in DXA and QUS technology in the field of bone and metabolic health.
    Whether it is about innovative product design, breadth of clinical applications, workflow efficiency or third-generation DXA and detector technology, we have always been one step ahead.

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Fast facts

  • Technology Leadership
    Exceptional Precision & Accuracy

  • Product Breadth
    Wide range of products, from affordable to performance to research-grade


  • Clinical Applications
    A rich set of bone and metabolic health clinical applications from the basic features such as bone mineral density and body composition to the advanced such as Atypical Femur Fractures (AFF), Trabecular Bone Score (TBS) and Sarcopenia

  • Ease of use & Efficient Workflow
    World class software (enCORE) with easy to use UI and efficient workflow processes

  • Reliability and Support
    Our commitment on post-purchase installation, training and ongoing support

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