Life Sciences

Life Sciences

We help therapy innovators, researchers and healthcare providers accelerate how precision diagnostics and therapies are invented, made and used. Our products enable biological analysis, research, development and the manufacture of advanced therapies and vaccines. We also produce pharmaceutical diagnostics used in medical imaging.

Life Sciences includes


Products and solutions that facilitate research into fundamental cell and protein biology and the development and production of biologic drugs, vaccines and cell therapies.

Pharmaceutical Diagnostics

Contrast media, molecular imaging agents and related consumables that enhance diagnostic imaging procedures

We are a global leader in our lines of business and are uniquely positioned at the heart of the development of the next generation of precision medicines.

Our instruments, systems software and consumables help our customers research, identify and manipulate genes, cells and proteins, develop a deep understanding of how they work, and then modify them into producing substances that can be used therapeutically.

We draw on our heritage in biotechnology manufacturing and strength in infrastructure and service projects to help our customers establish global biomanufacturing capacity where disease demographics and population growth mean it is most needed.

Our Pharmaceutical Diagnostics tools and technologies enable precision in clinical diagnoses but also in new therapy research and development, with imaging agents used by pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical researchers to increase accuracy, efficiency, and speed in clinical trials.

Quick Facts

  • Our products are used in the manufacture of all top ten biologic drugs

  • 3 patients are imaged every second using our pharmaceutical diagnostic agents
  • 100,000 GE Healthcare biopharma systems are used around the world


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