GE's focus on anesthesia delivery innovation is helping clinicians worldwide to deliver tailored therapy to a broad range of patients. Our platform of anesthesia delivery solutions enables clinicians to practice anesthesia delivery, customized to the needs of their patients.
  • Aisys CS²

    Aisys CS²

    The future made possible today! A technologically sophisticated digital anesthesia CarestationTM that is both clinically advanced and intuitive to the touch.
  • Avance CS²

    Avance CS²

    An advanced, integrated CarestationTM featuring a sleek 15-inch touchscreen display and intuitive user-interface that can help take the work out of your workflo...
  • Carestation 600 Series

    Carestation 650c

    The Carestation 650c is a compact anesthesia system designed for pendent or wall mount — an ideal solution for induction rooms where floor space is limited.
  • Vaporizers and Cassettes

    Aladin2 Cassettes

    Our agent-specific cassettes operate with innovative electronic control from the host anesthesia delivery system.
  • Carestation 30

    Carestation 30

    The Carestation 30 helps you provide dependable anesthesia for your patients while staying within your budget.
  • 9100C

    9100c NXT

    The anesthesia workstation that gives you peace of mind.

    The 9100c NXT is the new upgraded platform of our gold standard product 9100c. This is ideal solution fo...

Supporting Materials

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