Digital Expert

GE Healthcare’s Digital Expert is a comprehensive digital solution that provides on-demand application support for your medical device using an audiovisual enabled screen sharing technology, that aims to train your radiographers in real time, at their convenience, thereby helping them enhance the image quality during scans. Digital Expert helps you utilize your medical devices to their maximum potential
  • Hands-on personalized learning experience

    • Connect on-demand, in real time, with GE application experts at your convenience
    • Trainings held right on your device in your own clinical environment
    • Increase the confidence of your staff for advanced or complicated scans
    • Reduces the wait time for application issues by providing fastest support
    • Remain productive and utilize GE equipment to its maximum potential
  • Digital Expert Capabilities

    • State of the art training with our experts, on your device, at your convenience
    • Learning sessions that fit your work and personal schedule
    • Get your issues resolved faster virtually
    • Compliant to the Global HIPPA standards

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