Available labor and delivery products

    GE Healthcare Monitoring Solutions Products

    Monitoring solutions support heart rate in a labor and delivery environment

    Within Labor and Delivery, clinical accessories help monitor a mother’s heart rate and contractions, and an unborn baby’s heart rate. This is done with either two transducers or by using an intrauterine pressure catheter and fetal spiral (or scalp) electrode. GE Healthcare’s transducers feature a unique loop style connector or button connector that attaches the transducers to the mother via a belt.


    With labor and delivery accessories, you get a convenient, one-source solution for monitors, transducers, intrauterine catheters and cables and fetal spiral electrodes. All are compatible with the following products from our maternal-infant care portfolio:

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    *All modules or accessories are dependent on regulatory approval status and may not be available in all regions.

    ˆSome modules or accessories are sold only in US and Canada.