Fusion of cardiac physiological and anatomical information right before your eyes.

Coronary artery disease remains one of the leading causes of death in the world today. Within CAD population, there are an increasing number of patients with disabling related to left ventricle function. In parallel to the developments in physiological imaging, CT technology has sought to offer a non-invasive assessment to detect CAD using anatomical information.

CardIQ Fusion

Integration of clinical findings from a coronary CT angiography and a physiological study performed on a PET or SPECT system offers a non-invasive coronary artery assessment that is a valuable asset for diagnosis and treatment.

CardIQ Fusion* offers you 2D, 3D, or reformatted protocols to help you analyze and measure the extent of compromised coronary arteries. With CardIQ Fusion, you can visualize SPECT and PET physiological perfusion and viability data under stress and rest conditions. And it allows you to combine the anatomical and physiological data in fused 2D or 3D views.


  • Fast PET/CT exam in one visit for a comprehensive heart assessment
  • Easy-to-use, time-effective tool for simultaneous anatomy and physiology assessment
  • Patient-friendly and less invasive alternative to a diagnostic coronary arteriogram


System Requirements

Intended Use