Confident treatment. Quick, automatic tissue assessment. Easy-to-use, protocol-driven workflow. Smart Map for exquisite functional images.

Perfusion 4D is fast and simple to use, providing automatic tissue assessment of perfusion changes. The protocol-driven design leads the user step-by-step through the process, reducing keystrokes and improving repeatability. So you can get the information you want quickly and reliably.

GE's Perfusion 4D Multi-Organ is a fast, easy-to-use automated software for analyzing CT Perfusion images related to stroke and tumor angiogenesis. Its simple user interface and fully automated perfusion post-processing make it easy for you to diagnose quickly and accurately - and help make treatment decisions more confidently.

GE leverages its de-convolution expertise, with its innovative delay corrected algorithm. Perfusion 4D takes perfusion assessment to the next level, with a new Smart Map that creates noise-reduced functional maps while preserving functional detail.


  • Improved IQ of functional maps in presence of noise.
  • Streamlined workflow for tissue classification.
  • Permits injection rates of 4cc/sec.
  • Features a variety of productivity enhancements.
  • Incorporates the GE delay-corrected de-convolution method.
GE Healthcare CT Perfusion 4D Multi Organ


System Requirements

Intended Use

CT Advanced Visualization

Interventional Advanced Visualization

PET Advanced Visualization

Cardiology Advanced Visualization

Neurology Advanced Visualization

Oncology Advanced Visualization

RT Advanced Visualization

Vascular Advanced Visualization