The anesthesia workstation that gives you peace of mind.

The 9100c NXT is the new upgraded platform of our gold standard product 9100c. This is ideal solution for customers seeking a precise, versatile and dependable anesthesia system and has neonatal capabilities and ventilation modes that make it a versatile choice for all types of day care, low-medium acuity and multi-specialty hospitals. It is based on GE/Datex Ohmeda's legacy of 100+ years of innovation and trust. This product is scalable across a wide range of patient groups and surgical procedures

Benefits and Features

Precise: Enables you to effectively deliver anesthesia and foster seamless recovery

  • Dual flow sensors for precise volume and pressure delivery to the patient wye, breath by breath, to help reduce the challenges in managing neonatal and pediatric patients
  • Hypoxia guard and apnea back-up to prevent patient hypoxia
  • Detect leak with spirometry, ascending bellows, and low airway pressure alarm
  • Spirometry and high airway pressure alarm to detect blockages
  • Precise delivery of TV and AA
  • Small internal volume of 2.6L and non-decoupled fresh gas delivery enabling rapid machine responsiveness

Versatile: Scalable across a wide range of patient groups and surgical procedures

  • TV monitoring and delivery as low as 5ml in pressure control ventilation and as low as 20ml in volume control ventilation.
  • Delivers sustained target pressure with decelerating flow that adapts to patient’s respiratory mechanics allowing improved alveolar gas exchange and enhanced oxygenation
  • Spirometry, with ability to save and compare reference loops for continuous monitoring of ventilatory status
  • EZChange CO2 bypass system enables removal of the absorbent canister from the patient circuit without introducing leaks into the breathing system, especially required during long duration surgeries
  • Availability of SIMV, PSVProTM, and apnea backup
  • ICU quality ventilator with ultra-sensitive trigger delay of 47 milliseconds to detect patient breath effort.

Dependable: Based on GE/Datex Ohmeda’ s 100+ years of legacy of innovation and trust

  • >100,000 units sold and trusted by clinicians across the world
  • >19,000 hours of reliability and endurance testing equaling ~ 45,000 simulated cases as it shares the same reliable parts used in GE/Datex-Ohmeda anesthesia workstations such as AISYS CS2, Avance CS2 and Aespire
  • Backed by industry leading extended warranty to ensure cost-effective care
  • Ease of operation as it employs well-known Datex Ohmeda workflows, on screen prompts and tip messages, audio alarms, simple one step bag-to-vent switch and direct access to ventilator parameter screens
  • Pre-use machine directed checks that prepare the device for patient use in < 5 minutes
  • Easy to maintain as it is available with web/mobile-based maintenance resources and machine directed calibration workflows for its readiness in <5 minutes