Carestation 30

The Carestation 30 helps you provide dependable anesthesia for your patients while staying within your budget.

The Carestation 30 helps you provide dependable anesthesia for your patients while staying within your budget.

This advanced anesthesia system allows you to:

  1. Focus more on your patient and less on your anesthesia device
  2. Quickly recognize critical patient information and respond to changing patient conditions
  3. Experience legendary Datex-Ohmeda reliability and performance

The Carestation 30 is your dependable, easy, and affordable anesthesia delivery solution. It offers quality integration of features, an incredibly intuitive user interface and design, and unexpected affordability.


Designed with your patient in mind, the Carestation 30 includes the following features to help ensure enhanced patient care:

  • Integrated SpO2 monitoring, one of the most crucial patient monitoring parameters, as identified by the World Health Organization’s Surgical Safety Checklist
  • Integrated breathing circuit to minimize unwanted leaks from misconnections and disconnections
  • Integrated GE vaporizer design includes the GE patented Selectatec backbar to help prevent improper vaporizer mounting, unwanted gas leaks, and over-delivery


GE’s design innovations make anesthesia easier by streamlining operations and improving workflow. The Carestation 30:

  • Reduces the time and effort needed to refill your soda lime canister with a completely redesigned Ergo-canister that’s easy to open and lasts over 15 hours
  • Decreases training effort with its familiar Datex-Ohmeda design, straightforward User Interface, and an in-depth clinical training package that helps new users quickly acclimate to the Carestation 30’s advanced features
  • Streamlines infection prevention with an expedited sterilization process due to a new breathing system that is autoclavable up to 134º C and requires no tools for disassembly and reassembly
  • Allows you to precisely position the anesthesia device in even the most crowded operating room environments with a compact frame designed for mobility throughout the hospital


The Carestation 30 is a surprisingly affordable option that offers:

  • A cost-effective way to experience the advanced features, reliability and performance of a GE Carestation
  • Automatic leak test at machine start-up to identify the exact amount of leaks, allowing you to practice lower flow anesthesia with confidence and save on fresh gas and agent costs
  • A system designed and tested for durability and low ongoing service costs
  • First-rate components from world-class suppliers tested to global GE standards
  • Optical flow sensor designed for durability and reduced costs of replacement

Carestation 30