CT in a BOX

CT in a box is GE’s turn-key solution for providing accelerated access to CT in situations requiring increased/isolated CT scans (Eg: Pandemic as COVID-19) so that suspected COVID-19 patients do not enter hospital facilities, protecting staff & general population.

This also temporarily provisions for use of a remote control to operate the gantry allowing further isolation.

Key Features

What is CT in a box?

We offer this solution for the following CT machines

How a French Hospital implemented CT in a Box

  • Think Inside The Box

    This Parisian Hospital Has A Dedicated CT Cabin For Its COVID-19 Patients. To address this need, our engineers quickly developed CT-in-a-box, an easy to install modular machine that captures the same robust imagery of traditionally installed CT scanners.
  • “CT in a Box” installation at Henri Mondor Hospital.

    Interview of Prof. Luciani about the “CT in a Box” solution concept to help in 10 days, to deal with patients in ICU with COVID at University Hospital AP-HP, France.