Discovery RT Gen 3

Radiation therapy planning technologies are interconnected. In the past, enhancements to one feature could only be made by impacting another. Discovery™ RT changes all of that with an all-encompassing approach to radiation therapy planning.
At a glance

MaxFOV 2

Full view, edge-to-edge, with specified accuracy to increase confidence leverage deep learning.

Smart Deviceless 4D

Respiratory gating without an external device to improve your efficiency

Smart MAR 2.0

Significant reduction of streaks and shadows to streamline workflow.

Smart Subscription for RT

Access the latest capabilities to support current & future radiotherapy needs

MaxFOV 2

The unique needs of radiation oncology make it important to have image data across the entire bore of the CT simulator. MaxFOV 2 uses GE HealthCare’s proprietary deep learning algorithm to build an extended view up to the edge of the bore. With up to 80 cm extended Display FOV (DFOV), MaxFOV2 allows for less limitations and better image quality that include:

  • 2mm skin line accuracy and 40HU CT number accuracy of water from 50cm to 70cm DFOV *
  • 3mm skin line accuracy and 60HU CT number accuracy of water from 70cm to 80cm DFOV *

  • *As demonstrated by phantom testing

    Smart MAR 2.0

    Smart MAR 2.0 is designed to reduce artifacts of high-density materials, including orthopedic implants, dental fillings, and other metal in the body. Our metal artifact correction technology is based on raw data, enabling you to reduce artifacts caused by both photon starvation and beam hardening, revealing the anatomy that was concealed all the way out to the edge of the bore.

    Smart Deviceless 4D

    By measuring respiratory motion directly from the patient’s internal anatomy, this breakthrough innovation allows you to create 4D images without the use of an external monitoring device. The result is a simplified workflow for the staff and patient, while still providing high-quality gated studies for advanced therapies, such as SBRT.

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