Revolution™ ACTs Expert Edition

Introducing the Revolution ACTs Expert Edition

Revolution ACTs Expert Edition is our new CT platform, packed with end-to-end product enhancements – from capability to deliver 32 slices to solutions that specifically tackle your challenges associated with acquiring, operating and sustaining a CT system.

  • Advanced imaging with 32 slices
  • 3.3 MHU Equivalent X-ray tube
  • Generator of 40 kw equivalent
  • 1.67 x mA equivalent
  • Improved reconstruction speed of 22 fps, thereby making it faster than previous generation scanners
  • Improved Advanced Artifact Reduction (iAAR) enables artefact reduction when scan is done with a low mA .
  • 40% Dose Reduction using Smart Dose Technologies without reducing Image quality 
  • SmartTrack feature keeps the beam focused only on the active detector cells, making sub-millimeter scanning possible, all while maintaining a high dose efficiency
  • 28% lower TCO


Advanced Applications

  • Volume Viewer
  • Navigation and Fly-Through
  • SmartPrep with Dynamic Transition
  • Vascular imaging and processing
  • Color Coding for Kids TM protocols (CT for kids)

Revolution ACTs Expert Edition now comes equipped with an advanced multi-modality workstation which will help you enhance your workflow and support high-end advanced applications across multiple modalities like CT, MRI, PET/CT, Cathlab , X-ray etc.