introducing the revolution acts expert edition


  • High Performance: Clarity Panel Detector

    Improved spatial resolution
    Clarity Panel Detector delivers exceptional spatial resolution of 18 lp/cm to enable high-quality imaging and visualization of anatomy in 3D.

    Lowers electronic noise by 20%
    An integrated detector design built with modern chipsets and DAS on Detecter (DoD) technology used in our premium Revolution CT to lower noise and achieve high signal to noise performance.

    Designed to be power efficient
    A compact and power efficient design, each detector module consumes a paltry 2mW per channel. Scanning can be done within minutes with the help of intelligent thermal management that is tightly integrated within the detector.

  • High performance imaging chain

    Ultra Kernel - Adaptive Enhance Level Adjustment (AELA) can improve visual spatial resolution while maintaining pixel noise standard deviation. This kernel maybe helpful in enhancing the visualization of small anatomical structure with high contrast.

    Advanced Acquisition - A higher sampling density provides better representation of the original signal and can potentially lead to improved image quality and fidelity. Using GE’s novel conjugate cone beam reconstruction algorithm, the conjugated rows of projections are considered jointly in the back projection step and delivers improved Z-axis visualization performance.

  • Smart Dose Technologies

    ASiR™: image quality at significantly lower dose- 40% , 1.67

    ODM: Reduces radiation dose up to 40% when imaging superficial tissues like breasts and eyes through ODM

    Dose Check: Receive notifications and alerts when predetermined dose levels are exceeded, enabling you to correct and confirm the right settings for scanning to avoid unnecessary radiation dose to your patient

    3D mA Modulation: enables the system to optimize tube current in x-y-z directions with negligible effect on image quality

    DoseWatch: tracks and monitors a patient's cumulative radiation dose over time and takes steps to prevent excessive radiation dose

Advanced Applications

added connectivity with the aw workstation *

Revolution ACTs Expert Edition now comes equipped with an advanced multi-modality workstation which will help you enhance your workflow and support high-end advanced applications across multiple modalities like CT, MRI, PET/CT, Cathlab , X-ray etc.


    Innovative Digital Expert is a remote digital training solution in the Revolution ACTs Expert Edition. It empowers the technologists and radiologists by :

    • Online real-time applications training
    • Image quality optimization
    • Artifact Resolution
    • Assistance for specialized scans
    • Image post processing
    • Webinars and Clinical training
    • Support for emergency scans and more
    • A superior imaging experience

    Innovative Digital Expert comes with 45 hours on-demand application support within 1 year of product installation.


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