Millions of patients around the world are still waiting to receive the standard of care they need and in an affordable way. Healthcare providers are seeking better technology to help more patients and drive better outcomes. Simple and fast, CT is arguably the most valuable diagnostic imaging tool in healthcare. Yet its capacity to improve patient health is far from tapped. The Revolution* family of CT scanners helps you redefine what's possible with CT. Designed with your needs in mind, each Revolution product in the family is designed to deliver four key benefits: diagnostic confidence, patient care, financial performance and clinical excellence. All revolutions start somewhere. Our revolution began with the Revolution CT system — designed from the ground up for pioneering the future of CT. Now comes Revolution ACTs.


Work Smarter

Smart Flow Technologies  

Systems designed to help you improve productivity by streamlining user workflow and access to information.

  • Digital Tilt:This advancement in image reconstruction technology enables you to scan patients more efficiently — up to 28% in routine scan workflow. The entire workflow is easy to setup and control from the CT console. Simpler and faster, digital tilt helps you manage the challenging and less cooperative patients, while completing the scan with the quality you need.
  • Spectral Calibration:See an improvement in image uniformity in off-centered scans using a unique technology for beam hardening correction that makes patient positioning and setup more robust to operator variability.
  • IQ Enhance: This advanced algorithm enables helical pitch acceleration up to 2.7x while still achieving the same image quality as a conventional scan. Completing scans faster helps your patients breathe easier with shorter breath hold time.
  • User Console: Inspired by our most premium product, Revolution CT, the console for Revolution ACTs has been designed to make it easy to learn and use. Its modern look and feel is created from insights obtained from a wide cross section of radiologists and technologists.



What are your aspirations?  

In the end, Revolution ACTs is about helping you provide better patient care to more patients in an affordable way. Revolution ACTs is designed in a way that reduces the typical tradeoffs you face between  quality and affordability. Revolution ACTs gives you investment security by opening the door to a host of modern technologies; a more informed diagnosis with higher image quality and wider array of clinica l applications; and a patient centric workflow and dose management.  Since physicians began scanning patients with GE CT systems in 1976, few companies can point to the same number of advances to help healthcare providers  take better care of their patients and do it more economically. Your reputation depends on making the right choices.Ours depends on helping you make them.

A world of support  

When we created Revolution ACTs,we thought as much about helping you get the most out of it as we did about the technologies that went into it.

For your peace of mind Just as you provide the best care possible to your patients, we're also here to provide the best possible care to ensure that Revolution ACTs meets your demanding clinical needs. Revolution ACTs has a footprint of only 8.0 m2 lowering siting space needed. A low power input requirement of only 40 kVA makes installation simpler and lowers power consumption.

In addition to user training and Healthcare to support you with a large and experienced team of field service engineers to help increase your system uptime and access. Your Revolution ACTs scanner features a broadband connection capability with built-in self-check systems to connect your CT scanner directly to our technical centers. So GE service engineers can quickly assess any problem.Often they can fix your system remotely.