Effortless Workflow

Effortless Workflow uses AI technology to streamline the entire CT process, providing high-quality images while reducing manual tasks – helping your team achieve confident results fast.
At a Glance

Accurately and automatically personalize scans for each patient

Using AI-based features such as Intelligent Protocoling and Auto Positioning

Requires less effort from the technologist

Automated features such as Smart Plan, Auto Prescription and automated post-processing tools on the console

Streamline workflow

Auto positioning minimizes the positioning process to a single click

Revolutionizing CT from referral to report

When it comes to CT, we studied the entire workflow and created solutions to simplify and streamline each step of the process. These solutions are the core of our Effortless Workflow model, a sophisticated collection of technologies that automate and simplify time-consuming tasks from pre-scan to post-scan. Effortless Workflow takes the CT experience to a new level.

Automate and simplify time-consuming tasks from pre-scan to post-scan

Providing high-quality images while reducing manual tasks, this AI-enabled workflow solution can help your team achieve confident results faster than ever before.

Revolution Ascend utilizes AI technology to automatically suggest protocols and position the patient.

Intelligent Protocoling uses machine learning to automatically suggest a protocol for each exam. Learning from each site’s individual behaviors, Intelligent Protocoling reduces the time spent searching for protocols and may help in reducing errors in protocol selection.

AI-based Auto Positioning streamlines patient positioning workflow by minimizing actions into a single-click operation. It first detects landmark locations and displays scout scan range on the Xtream tablet and then determines the correct table elevation and cradle movements to align the scan range center to the CT isocenter.

Intelligent tools embedded in a new Clarity Operator Environment can consistently provide the optimal scan range settings, dose and image quality for each patient.

Smart Plan uses information from the patient scout to automatically provide the correct scan range for head, chest, abdomen and pelvis scans, including multigroup scans. Provides a start/end scan location and DFOV suggestion for specific anatomies based on scout images.

Auto Prescription delivers an auto-adjustment of scan settings, balances dose and image quality, facilitates the optimal trade-off between scan speed and mAs and provides reusable, customizable patient profiles. Auto Prescription technology reduces scan time adjustments and eliminates the need for size-based protocols.

Revolution Ascend lets you choose the right image review and analysis package for your system, including Direct Multiplanar Reconstruction (DMPR), automated archiving and networking and advanced clinical applications.

Automated post-processing tools: Revolution Ascend streamlines your post-processing tasks through Prospective Multiple Reconstruction, automated reformatted view generation and a suite of intelligent applications designed to deliver high efficiency and high quality CT imaging in all clinical areas.

Cardiac post-processing features

SnapShot Freeze 2 provides an automated whole-heart motion-correction algorithm with an effective temporal resolution of 29 ms*.

Automated post-processing applications for coronary analysis and calcium score allow you to read images directly on your console or secondary image reading station.

Neuro post-processing features

FastStroke delivers a fully automated processing platform for CT ischemic stroke studies.

On-console applications automatically process and send images to your stroke team via email.

Automated post-processing applications facilitate image review directly at the scanner or from one of up to four remote clients, which can all be accessed simultaneously.

The combination of AI technology and a high accuracy 3D camera provides workflow improvement

Auto positioning provides consistent image quality by auto centering with 3D camera, medical error avoidance by patient orientation identification and patient safety by patient-gantry collision check.

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Additional features of Effortless Workflow

Auto landmark and scout range display

Detects landmark locations using a deep learning algorithm and displays the scout scan range on the Xtream tablet

Auto centering

Determines the scout scan range center and aligns it with the CT isocenter and reduces the need for repositioning and re-scouting due to greater accuracy

Auto patient positioning

Positions the patient to the start scan location automatically with built-in AI and streamlines your workflow by minimizing the positioning process to a single click

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* The reduction in motion artifacts is comparable to a 0.058 s Equivalent Gantry Rotation Speed with effective temporal resolution of 29 ms, as demonstrated in mathematical phantom testing.