Revolution™ Aspire*

A comprehensive CT solution designed to help you do more for more patients. Aspire for more.

More patients

Increase patient throughput by up to 50%¹ with sub-second scan time

More clarity

Up to 30% Enhanced Image Quality²

More productivity

Improve efficiencies with higher workflow speed and 85% faster daily prep

More protection

Reduce exposure for patients and staff with up to 40%² lower dose

Gain more success with the Revolution™ Aspire

When you aspire to build a successful CT business in a highly competitive market, the Revolution Aspire is exactly what you need. This comprehensive imaging solution enables you to provide superior care to a greater number of patients at a lower cost. It is designed with an easy-to-upgrade hardware, ensuring your practice’s continued access to cutting-edge technology for years to come.

Reach new heights in CT imaging

Designed to enable healthcare providers to transform more lives, the Revolution Aspire helps you serve more patients every hour and every day with greater speed, clarity, care, and consistency.

Achieve up to 50% higher patient throughput¹ with a powerful and robust X-ray tube and generator

More power and speed – Revolution Aspire is equipped with a 3.5 MHU tube (5.8 MHU),** 42 kW generator (70 kW),** and 0.8 second gantry rotation.
Improve patient comfort – A 20% lower breath-hold time and reduces scan time enables improved patient comfort.
Maintain stability – The X-ray tube contains a well-tested, high-heat transfer technology to manage throughput and high-voltage stability for consistent techniques.
Manage over-heating – Efficient anode heat transfer and casing design reduces interpatient delays during demanding helical scans.
Streamline workflow – ScanWatch displays the tube usage percentage.

Improve your diagnostic capabilities with the state-of-the-art Clarity Imaging Chain and up to 30% enhanced image quality*

Innovative imaging chain – The Clarity Imaging Chain consists of the Atlas Panel Detector, X-ray Tube, Compact High-voltage Generator, and optional ASiR reconstruction. It delivers high spatial resolution with low noise and less artifact to meet various customer needs in real clinical situations.
Power-efficient design – The innovative detector technology helps to provide long-term protection of your investment while enabling clinical capability and economic returns today. Its segmented panel designs, built with an advanced packaging and miniaturization technology, lower power consumption and improve thermal performance.


Work smart with a Smart CT that delivers greater efficiencies, capabilities, and up to 85% faster daily prep

Experience exceptional ease in patient setup with simplified, automated scan prescriptions, personalized to the patient, and user-friendly reference protocols.
SmartPlan – Makes intelligent anatomy recognition possible and helps users set localizer more efficiently for head, chest, abdomen, and other daily scans.
SmartPrep – Allows intermittent monitoring of IV contrast enhancement in an area of interest using low-dose scan.
Digital Tilt – Enables operators to set up the entire workflow from the console without multiple trips to the gantry controller.
IQ Enhance – Reduces helical artifacts, which is important for image quality of thin-slice helical scans.

Attain superior image quality at up to 40% lower dose with advanced Smart Dose Technologies

Revolution Aspire provides access to an array of dose reduction technologies, including:
Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction ( ASiR)* – An advanced iterative reconstruction technique that provides breakthrough image quality in multi-dose. It allows healthcare providers to lower dose by up to 40% without reducing imaging quality.³
Organ Dose Modulation (ODM) – Achieves a reduced radiation dose of up to 40% via X-ray tube current modulation for superficial organs and tissues, such as breasts, and maintains diagnostic quality without decreasing productivity.
Dose Check – Provides users with the tools and alerts to help them manage CT dose in clinical settings.
IQ Enhance – Reduces helical artifacts, which is important for image quality of thin-slice helical scans.

The next level of CT scanners. Designed to give you more of what your operation, department, and patients need.

Revolution Aspire represents a significant breakthrough in CT scanners—one that will help your practice meet its clinical and business objectives while improving and transforming the lives of your patients.

More adaptability with a 70 cm gantry bore and optimized table design

With a larger bore and a patient load capacity of up to 180 kg (396 lb), the Revolution Aspire helps you image a wide variety of in-patients with ease—from elderly to pediatric to larger-sized patients.

More informed diagnosis with higher imaging intelligence using Smart MAR

Smart MAR is designed to reveal anatomic details obscured by metal artifacts, helping clinicians utilize CT scans, diagnose disease, and contour targets and critical organs with greater confidence.

More visualization with essential software for advanced clinical applications

Do more with what you have. When we created Revolution Aspire, we thought as much about helping you get the most out of it as we did about the technologies that went into it.

More protection with robust cybersecurity and privacy controls

Protect your practice, patients, and data from cyber threats and unauthorized access. Revolution Aspire helps you manage productive daily workflows with more access control and firewall protection.


¹ Compared to previous generation CT scanner; results may vary
² Compared to previous generation CT scanner
³ Image quality measured as image noise standard deviation. In clinical practice, the use of ASiR may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.
* Revolution Aspire is not 510k cleared by the US FDA and is not yet CE marked. It is not available for sale in the United States or the EU and is also not commercially available in all markets
** optional
*** Use of ASiR can allow for scanning at lower mA and less anode heat, thereby reducing tube cooling limitations / Use of ASiR allows scanning at a lower mA and less tube heat output, resulting in the ability for longer duration helical scans similar to the capability of a 5.8 MHU tube and 70 kW generator