Clariscan™ Details


Ordering information

Clariscan is available in three packaging types; glass vials in various volumes which are packaged in boxes of 10
Clariscan is available in glass vials of 10ml & 20ml
Clariscan 10 mL glass vial
Product number: 1189202
Size and quantity: 10 x 10 mL glass vials
Clariscan 20 mL glass vial
Product number: 1189204
Size and quantity: 10 x 20 mL glass vials

Tracking labels

  • Peel-off tracking labels are available on the vials, prefilled syringes and bottles
  • The peel-off tracking label on the syringes, vials and bottles should be stuck onto the patient record to enable accurate recording of the gadolinium contrast agent used. The dose used should also be recorded.
  • If electronic patient records are used, the name of the product, the batch number and the dose should be entered into the patient record.

Shelf-life and storage

  • 3 year shelf life
  • This product does not require any special storage conditions
Please refer to the full Summary of Product Characteristics for further information before prescribing.

End-to-end manufacturing

  • Clariscan is produced at our GE Healthcare manufacturing sites, you can be assured standards are maintained from start to finish.