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Challenges in imaging protocol management

  • Lack of visibility & change management process leads to inconsistent protocols
  • Variability in dose and exam quality can pose risks to patient safety & outcomes
  • Workflow inefficiencies of modifying protocols per exam and repeat exams result in potential revenue losses
  • Consolidation of healthcare systems increases the need for a solution
  • Increasing quantity of protocols can be costly to manage without tools

Automatically upload, download, edit, monitor and distribute protocols for your GE CT and MR devices.


A simple and efficient process

  • 1. Import

    Import protocols to a cloud library from CT and MR devices
  • 2. Publish

    View protocols and publish them as “Standard Protocol” for the fleet of same devices.
  • 3. Send

    Distribute protocols to scanners throughout the hospital network.
  • 4. Verify

    Review positioning guidelines, contrast delivery and technologist instructions.
  • 5. Track

    Monitor protocol deviation between the device and standard protocols on the cloud.

Help achieve economic benefits with improved protocol management

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