Interfacing Commitment Monitoring Solutions

The commitment made by GE to the European Commission for monitoring solutions.
The commitment made by GE to the European Commission for monitoring solutions.

Monitoring Solutions - Example of Documentation Available

Serial Interface Data Service Manual

What's In This Document:

The Serial Interface Data Service Manual provides detailed protocol and hardware interfacing information for acquiring data from Unity Compatible Monitors (i.e. Dash™, Solar 8000M/I™ or Solar 9500™). The following data is available:

  • Patient demographic information including patient name and patient ID.
  • Numeric Parameter Data are updated at a rate of once every 2 seconds. Additional data averaging varies on a parameter-by-parameter basis depending on algorithm used in the acquisition device. Examples of Numeric Parameter Data include (Heart Rate, SpO2, Systolic Blood Pressure, etc.)
    • Parameter alarm limits including current upper and lower limit settings for each monitored parameter.
    • Alarm status is available for each monitored parameter. Examples include (High Heart Rate, Assystole, Low SpO2, etc.)
    • Data from third party devices such as Anesthesia Machines and Ventilators interfaced through UnityID or Ocatanet are available. The type of data available varies between third party devices as defined in the UnityID and Ocatanet documentation.

Note: Data is time stamped according to the Unity Time Master displayed on the monitor. Waveform data is not available over the serial port.

Request for Interface Information: If you are interested in obtaining detailed protocol for this or other interfaces offered by GE under its Interfacing Commitment to the European Commission, please feel free to contact:

Matthew McManus