LAVA Flex is acquired as a free breathing dynamic scan with Auto Navigator or as a patient breath-hold.

LAVA Flex is a 3D, FSPGR imaging technique that generates water only, fat only, in phase and out of phase echoes in one single acquisition that is typically completed in single breath hold. This technique provides excellent homogeneous fat suppression over the entire field of view, including areas that are difficult to image using conventional fat suppression, due to magnetic susceptibility effect.

All four contrasts are perfectly co registered because they are acquired in the same scan. The water only contrast differs from a conventional fat suppressed image in that an inversion prep pulse is not applied for fat suppression. LAVA Flex uses ARC*, a 2D self-calibrated, parallel imaging.

"LAVA Flex provides 3D T1w imaging with high SNR and CNR, with very homogeneous fat saturation."

Dr. M. Zins
Hospital St. Joseph, Paris, France


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