Less Biopsies

Recognizing a growing need for effective, accurate, repeatable, non-invasive tests to accurately rule out and assess diffuse liver disease, we've introduced IDEAL IQ and MR Touch - advanced tools that allow you to quantify fat fraction and assess tissue stiffness in the entire liver in single breath-holds. In some clinical cases, these applications can help reduce unnecessary liver biopsies.

Less Contrast

Taking into consideration many of the concerns in using contrast media, we've developed MR applications such as Inhance 2.0, 3D ASL, eDWI and 3D Heart that can minimize or eliminate the need for contrast media injection. This can help improve patient comfort, simplify workflow and reduce cost.

Less Sedation

Cognizant of the added risks and costs associated with sedation, we've developed PROPELLER 3.0 to combat motion and susceptibility artifacts anywhere in the body.


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