• Why CESM-biopsy, why not MRI-biopsy?

    • See the lesion in CESM and sample with certainty with the same image guidance.

    • MRI diagnostic & biopsy is 51% more costly than CESM diagnostic & biopsy). 1

    • CESM biopsy can be done within 15 minutes; 2
      MRI biopsy can take between 60-90 minutes. 3

    • Two out of three patients prefer CESM to MRI. 4

    • Familiar setting & familiar staff helping to relieve some of the stress of a biopsy procedure.


Four steps to success

  • What Thought Leaders Are Sharing

    “The number one benefit for my patients having a CESM biopsy is having their diagnostic faster and in a more precise way.
    Rodrigo Alcantara, MD. Breast Radiologist

    “Patients who had breast MRI in the past, described their experience with contrast biopsy was much easier and tolerable.
    Anat Kornecki, MD. Breast Radiologist

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