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  • Innovative, Dependable Design

    Therapeutic light is delivered through a flexible lightpipe for fast, easy positioning. Flexible lightpipe lets you focus the therapeutic light just where it needs to be, which minimizes exposure to caregivers and infants in neighboring beds.
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  • High Intensity Phototherapy

    Delivers focused light therapy directly to the patient, minimizing undesired exposure for caregivers and patients in adjacent areas. Emits blue light in a narrow spectral band of 430-490 nm, focusing on bilirubin’s peak absorption wavelengths to speed its breakdown May be used in conjunction with the GE BiliSoft LED system to maximize surface area coverage.
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  • Flexible Mounting Options

    Flexible mounting options allow for fast, easy positioning, to save both valuable time and space. Bed mounted units conserve space in all care areas. Roll stand mounted option provides added flexibility.
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  • Lower total cost of ownership

    Giraffe Blue Spot PT delivers significant bulb cost savings with its blue LED light source that can last up to 10K hours 10K bulb hours is equivalent to 6-7 years of typical clinical usage (normal product lifecycle) Current Halogen replacement bulb is $250 and lasts ~2.5K hours, so that’s cost savings of approx. $1K per device over the life of the product (6-7 years) 80% less energy consumption reduces electricity costs (greener technology)
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