GEHC Xeleris 4 DR Quantitation Image 1 v1

Leading absolute quantitation in nuclear medicine

GEHC Xeleris 4 DR Q Volumetrix MI Image 1 v1
q.volumetrix mi

Quantitation in sync with how you work

  • Measure treatment response with empirical values
  • Personalize treatment with accurate assessment of disease progression
  • Reduce ‘clicks’ by 37 percent on average
  • Save up to 31 percent of your clinicians’ time with a streamlined workflow
GEHC Xeleris 4 DR Q Lung Image 1 v1
q. lung

Pulmonary embolism has finally met its match

The greatest result of all

Plan for the future of a lung’s function

Results that matter

GEHC Xeleris 4 DR Q Brain Image 1 v1
q. brain

Assurance for neurodegenerative care

  • Provide specific indications for the differential diagnosis of dementia, traumatic brain injuries, epilepsy and other complex brain dysfunctions
  • Give patients and their families the peace of mind of a definitive diagnosis, eliminating the frustration caused by endless diagnostic testing

GEHC Xeleris 4 DR Alcyone CFR Image 1 v1
alcyone cfr

Matters of the heart are no longer beyond measure

  • Research the development of more efficient protocols
  • Expand the confidence in, and size of, your nuclear cardiology practice
  • Confirm suspected triple vessel and microvascular disease
GEHC Xeleris 4 DR DaTQUANT Image 1 v1

Clearly communicate brain function

  • Provide structured quantitative results to help manage Parkinson’s Disease
  • Improve communication with referring physicians through customized, automatic PDF reports
  • Drive accuracy and repeatability through automated processing
  • Improve the assessment of disease progression with longitudinal image analysis of both visual and quantitative comparisons
GEHC Xeleris 4 DR Dosimetry Toolkit Image 1 v1
dosimetry toolkit

Plan and monitor radioisotope therapy with the right measurements

  • Reduce processing time and improve the accuracy of results, compared to manual tools
  • Simplify the procedure for quantifying radiopharmaceutical dose
  • Increase confidence in your ability to predict tumor response and normal organ toxicity with pre-therapy dosimetry
GEHC Xeleris 4 DR Additional Applications Image 1 v1
additional applications

Explore the clinical possibilities of a wide range of applications

GEHC Xeleris 4 DR Enhanced Access Image 1 v1
enhanced access

Access where, when and how you want it

  • Improve your reading efficiency with increased access to applications on PACS and AW server
  • Streamline your nuclear medicine experience to fit your needs with customizable applications and configurable displays and processing options
  • Improve the efficiency of daily tasks and potentially reduce errors with automated workflow features
  • Provide greater clinical confidence with more relevant data available for image interpretation
  • Encourage collaboration by providing image data in more locations outside of the reading room

Elevate your nuclear medicine experience

  • Keep patient information secure with a collection of security enhancements
  • Simplify your data storage with one database
GEHC Xeleris 4 DR Summary Image 1 v1

A nuclear medicine workstation for true discovery

  • 1 In clinical practice, Evolution options1a (Evolution for Bone, Evolution for Cardiac, Evolution for Bone Planar) and Evolution Toolkit1b are recommended for use following consultation of a Nuclear Medicine physician, physicist and/or application specialist to determine the appropriate dose or scan time reduction to obtain diagnostic image quality for a particular clinical task, depending on the protocol adopted by the clinical site.
  • 1a Evolution Options - Evolution claims are supported by simulation of count statistics using default factory protocols and imaging of 99mTc based radiotracers with LEHR collimator on anthropomorphic phantom or realistic NCAT – SIMSET phantom followed by quantitative and qualitative images comparison.
  • 1b Evolution Toolkit - Evolution Toolkit claims are supported by simulation of full count statistics using lesion simulation phantom images based on various radiotracers and collimators and by showing that SPECT image quality reconstructed with Evolution Toolkit provide equivalent clinical information but have better signal-to-noise, contrast, and lesion resolution compared to the images reconstructed with FBP / OSEM.
  • 2 SmartReport and ImageRegistry are registered trademarks of Syntermed, Inc.
  • 3 Case Exchange may not be available in all markets, as it requires GE Health Cloud.
  • 4 Windows and BitLocker are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.


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