First-ever Digital Respiratory Motion Management
At a Glance

No need for a gating device

Initiating MotionFree is as easy as selecting a protocol

Up to a 67% improvement

in lesion volume measurements1

Avoid adding to patient setup time

Up to a 30 percent improvement in quantitation accuracy2

Improve the patient experience

Enable a reduction in total procedure times by up to 11 minutes3

With an easy-to-use, completely digital workflow, MotionFree is the new standard for PET imaging

Respiratory motion can affect your images in ways that you can’t always predict. It can hide small lesions, make staging for treatment difficult and lead to inaccurate SUV and volume measurements. Current solutions are cumbersome and take too long to set up, which means you have to pick and choose which situations to use it in. So, only a small percentage of overall procedures affected by motion receive the benefits of motion correction.

Reassure yourself with MotionFree

The first-ever respiratory motion management solution that doesn’t include a gating device. It’s always actively monitoring respiratory motion in the background of every PET/CT procedure. When it detects an anomaly, it automatically modifies the scan and then integrates what it learns into the final image in real time. 

A seamless digital setup

Traditional gating devices are clunky, awkward and take up to 11 minutes to set up. Then, once you do finally get it set up, there is always a chance of signal or detection errors, which may lead to repeat exams. MotionFree completely eliminates all of these barriers with a seamless, deviceless experience. It’s one major benefit for you, your patients and your referring physicians and one less thing for technologists to worry about.

Take a big weight off their chest

When your patients come in for a PET/CT scan, they’re already under enough stress without having a piece of hardware placed on their chest, or being asked to breathe in a certain way. With MotionFree, you can take that weight off their chest. You can also reduce the total procedure time by up to 11 minutes and give them the freedom to relax and breathe naturally. All while capturing the clearest images possible.

The new way to scan

You never have to decide when to use motion correction again. Instead, you can have the assurance that every patient gets the benefit of reduced motion in their images


The brilliant thing about MotionFree is that it’s always there, even when you don’t think you need it. It gives you the flexibility to choose which bed positions receive motion correction, but it’s always collecting and correcting respiratory motion data in the background.

Keep a watchful eye on every breath

MotionFree actively monitors your patient’s breathing pattern using information from the PET coincidence stream. 

It makes informed decisions on the fly

Because MotionFree uses internal data, it automatically detects the effects of respiratory motion and makes real-time scan decisions about when to extend scan durations. 

Every correction is thought through to the end

By the time a scan is complete, MotionFree has everything it needs to eliminate motion artifacts from your PET images. It fully integrates all respiratory motion corrections into the final image reconstruction. 

1 Compared to non-processed (STATIC, no motion-correction) data. As demonstrated in phantom testing using a typical and fast respiratory model, 18 mm Ge-68 spheres, and OSEM reconstruction.

2 As demonstrated in phantom testing using a typical and fast respiratory model and OSEM reconstruction. Quantitative accuracy improvements are based on SUVmean.

3 Compared to device-based respiratory gating.

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