Omni Legend

At A Glance

See small lesions¹

Highest sensitivity²

Ultra-fast scanning


New Platform

The one and future PET/CT platform


Ultra-high sensitivity


Enhanced workflow

Single platform



Up to 46 cps/kBq NEMA sensitivity⁴

30 mm crystal depth with high stopping power



Enhance your imaging with deep learning


Surroundings they can take comfort in

We recognize that patient comfort is important to you. It’s a top priority for us too, which is why we are always looking for new ways to improve the overall PET/CT patient experience. 


Full speed ahead

Fast scanning from eyes to thighs

The high sensitivity of the Omni Digital Detector combined with a large field-of-view can enable ultra-fast routine whole-body imaging.

PET/CT imaging is constantly evolving

Your Omni Legend system can be updated and reliable for years to come

Ability to image diagnostics portion of theranostics

Able to image Gallium 68 for diagnosis, staging or restaging


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