• Product Overview

    Product Overview

    Discover the OEC Brivo Prime C-arm advantage.

    For more than three decades OEC has been committed to delivering high quality innovative mobile C-arms. The OEC Brivo Prime  promises superb image quality in an easy-to-use system. The new generation of OEC Brivo C-arms is transforming healthcare by increasing access to high quality mobile C-arms.     

    Clear Image Quality – built-in automated features that create precise and sophisticated imaging with Eagle-Eye Intelligence*

    • New Smart AutoTrak* locates & adjusts image when anatomy is not properly centered
    • Auto SmartMetal* compensates for metal in the field
    • Auto Window* increase brightness, and illustrates sharp bone edge to improve IQ

    And Real-time Edge Enhancement sharpens edges for easy guidance during trauma

    Ease of Use in complex operating environment with features like

    • Emergency boot mode - captures first image within minutes of boot up, saves time during trauma procedures
    • Dual  pedal footswitch with two imaging modes provides quick access
    • Extensive positioning capability (410 ° radial rotation, 120 ° orbital rotation, 25 ° wig wag ) designed to help you easily capture the images

    Reliability of performance, durably withstands rigors of constant daily use        

    • Tube heat capacity indicator displays heat capacity during procedures, helps manage exposure time
    • Easy data management with 100,000 image storage capacity

    Low Dose : with 33% higher frequency generator: producing less X Ray, OEC Brivo helps you create the right image at the right dose.  

    Disclaimer: Photos and images relate to OEC Brivo products and may not be specifically related to the OEC Brivo Prime.

  • Technology


    The OEC Brivo Prime promises features for success:

    • 1k x 1k high resolution imaging technology
    • 9” Image Intensifier provides high spatial resolution
    • Intuitive user interface can reduce procedure time and improve efficiency
    • Advanced connectivity with DICOM and DVI options
    • Storage capacity of up to 100,000 images
    • Data protection and compliance including a UPS to protect patient data

    Disclaimer: Photos and images relate to OEC Brivo products and may not be specifically related to the OEC Brivo Prime


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