Data-driven Alarm Management from GE Healthcare supports improved workflow and reduced fatigue via algorithm excellence, tailored settings and data analytics.

Data-Driven Alarm Management Solutions

Clinical alarm management is a safety initiative for healthcare providers. The Joint Commission has created the National Patient Safety Goal on Alarm Management, NPSG,06.0101, making it more crucial than ever to address this challenge.

GE Healthcare is working with healthcare providers to develop effective alarm management strategies and tools that incorporate sophisticated technology, best practices and consulting to help reduce alarm fatigue, improve workflow, and support a healing environment for patients and their families.


Improved Workflow


  • Alarm Reporting Tool

    What you can measure, you can manage.

    The Alarm Reporting Tool (ART) delivers data that helps you make educated choices on how to manage GE bedside monitor and telemetry alarms.   This simple software tool allows you to easily compile an alarm history looking back up to 60 days. Concise, customizable reports help you spot trouble areas, identify possible opportunities, and measure and sustain improvements. You can generate reports on:

    • Arrhythmia alarms
    • Parameter alarms for heart and respiratory rate, SpO2, blood pressure and more
    • Technical alarms for events such as ECG lead detachment and sensor failure
    • Detailed listing of alarm events for a single patient monitor 

    Clear data. Clear benefits.

    Data from the ART can guide you to improvements that significantly enhance your care environments, leading you towards quieter care environments.  ART can help you with:

    • Making informed decisions on setting alarm protocols and parameter limits
    • Reducing audio alarm burdens on patients and staff
    • Modifying alarm priorities to make alarms more actionable
    • Reducing technical alarms with better lead preparation and lead replacement policies

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Consulting Services