Why AMX 115?

AMX 115 is an advanced, analog radiography x-ray system designed to help your radiology department achieve maximum clinical versatility and productivity.

A 100mA X-ray that promises great imaging across anatomies. It is also 40% faster!

This translates to:

  • Shorter breath hold
  • Lesser patient movement
  • Remarkable image quality
  • Better patient comfort

AMX 115 helps you easily manage tough cases, such as when your patient is obese or breathless, and in trauma or pediatric cases where uncontrolled patient movement is common.

    Efficient Dosage

    • A 200kHz X-ray for great imaging and efficient dosage.

      This results in:

      • Uniform and useful radiation
      • Better image quality
      • Low scatter radiation
      • Focus on patient 

      The AMX 115 200kHz generator is so fast that the X-ray emission is extremely uniform with an efficient X-ray spectrum!

    Ease of Use

    • AMX 115 is a well-designed and low-maintenance equipment:

      • A less than 3kg push force – 50% easier to move than most other models
      • A 10% smaller footprint than most other models– convenience in narrow spaces
      • A weight of less than 120kg – one of the lightest models
      • An innovative mechanical design for ease-of-use and quicker exams with better SID accuracy

    Ergonomically Designed For Added Safety

    • AMX 115 is designed ergonomically for care, comfort and aesthetics:

      • Rounded edges and internal cabling
      • Minimal pinch points and a ‘clean’ look
      • Ergonomically designed and positioned user touch points (handles, angulated console & closed cassette cabinet) for greater comfort
      • An accessories holder for pens, strips or tapes


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