Clarity For Doctors, Versatility In Diagnosis

C-Arm is equipped with innovative features that enable and assist healthcare professionals in their practice.


A Clear View All-in-One

OEC One CFD Beauty shot with Live Zoom reference image on screen 2
  • Capture exceptional image quality with
    21 cm x 21 cm CMOS flat detector.
    OEC One CFD Hip - 290 pixels
  • Easily adjust 4K display to line of sight with
    5 ranges of motion articulating arm.
    OEC One CFD 5 ranges of motion - 290
  • All-in-one compact C-arm optimizes space in crowded operating rooms.
    OEC One CFD Overhead-290
  • Zoom up to 4X without increasing dose with Live Zoom.
    OEC One CFD Zoom_290
  • Synchronized image viewing for surgeon on display and rad tech on OEC Touch control panel.
    OEC One CFD clinical_290
  • Move easily from room to room and protect data with 5-minute standby power.
    OEC One CFD Transport- 290
  • Benefits

    The OEC One CFD is the all-in-one mobile C-arm that lets you see more and do more.

    Clear View of anatomy

    • 1:1 image detail from CMOS detector to 4K display with Clear View image chain

    • View more anatomy* with CFD and Live Zoom, and review last fluoro sequence with Fluorostore

    • Easily view large detailed images on 4K monitor adjustable to surgeon’s line of sight

    Across procedural settings

    • Point-and-shoot imaging offered in three configurations to suit clinical demands

    • Easy planning with Digital Pen and C-arm positioning with long handles, color-coded radial dial brakes, and green laser aimers**

    • Five-minute standby power supports quick transport needs and protects against patient data loss

    All-in-one workflow

    • Optimize surgical space with connected display on one-piece C-arm

    • Synchronize workflow with connected OEC Touch control panel

    • Streamline clinical team’s communication for timely image adjustments and C-arm positioning

    *Compared to OEC One Image Intensifier


Image Quality

    • 21cm CMOS flat panel detector (CFD)
    • 1.5k X 1.5k processing size
    • No binning and no reduced resolution
    • 11.8” live image display on a 4K 27” UHD
    • 100% retention on Squircle when the image is rotated

Enhanced Safety

    • Higher DQE at low dose
    • Clear View image chain
    • Auto noise, motion and metal artifact reduction
    • Superior brightness and contrast control

Advanced Features

    • 15% larger field of view with Squircle image compared to 9” Image Intensifier
    • Rotation with data loss by 100% preservation of Squircle image
    • Fluid zoom capability from 1x to 4x
    • Review last fluoro sequence easily with Fluorostore


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