LOGIQ E9 with XDclear Features
  • Agile Acoustic Architecture

    Agile Acoustic Architecture is a flexible approach built on proprietary clinical models of the human body.
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  • Auto Optimization

    Automatic Optimization (AO) helps deliver excellent and consistent image quality in both B-mode and spectral Doppler at the touch of a button.
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  • Coded Harmonic Imaging

    Coded Harmonic Imaging helps enhance near-field resolution for improved small parts imaging as well as far-field penetration compared with typical harmonic imaging.
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  • CrossXBeam

    CrossXBeam combines multiple images from different angles into a single, real-time image that allows for better border definition and increased contrast resolution.
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  • E-Series Transducer Technology

    Acoustic Amplifier Technology helps achieve higher sensitivity by recapturing unused acoustic energy. When combined with other E-Series transducer technologies the result is increased penetration on large patients, outstanding spatial resolution and image uniformity from near to far field to help improve diagnostic confidence.
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  • Speckle Reduction Imaging

    SRI is a real-time algorithm that helps increase contrast resolution by reducing speckle noise while maintaining true tissue appearance.
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