• Image Processing and Review

    Whether you receive images from one ultrasound system or thousands of images from multiple systems, ViewPoint 6 can manage them in one workstation.

    This comprehensive digital storage helps eliminate the need to print images, helping to reduce costs for thermal paper. Each user can set up his or her own preferences, including the ability to view one image at a time or show images side by side with the report. You can even set it up to view images across up to 4 monitors for fast review of large studies.

    Features in the image gallery that help improve productivity and quality of review include:

    • Auto-play cine clips
    • Re-arrange images
    • Enhance brightness and contrast
    • Annotate and comment on images
    • Re-measure calibrated images
    • Compare images side by side from previous studies
    • Post-process 3D/4D volumes as well as cine clips for
    • More diagnostic information with the integrated plugin
    • Export key images for presentations or teaching files

    As a scalable solution, ViewPoint 6 helps optimize your workflow by offering the option to integrate seamlessly with an existing PACS system to store images. ViewPoint 6 also has the power to be a stand-alone image archive solution for private clinics and independent departments.

    With integrated 4D View, you can manipulate volumes from Voluson™ and LOGIQ™ systems to get additional views. You can also open cine clips as a volume in 4D View for additional review. Any new images or clips you create are saved back into the patient record, so your patient information is in one location.

  • Reporting

    ViewPoint 6 can help you create comprehensive and easy to read reports quickly. Your ultrasound reports can include everything from images and measurements to images and diagrams to results and recommendations. The reporting capabilities in ViewPoint 6 can help reduce manual data entry and potentially reduce errors from manual work.

    Reports for Ob/Gyn:

    • Medical History
    • Early Pregnancy
    • 1st trimester Ultrasound including FMF risk assessment*
    • 2nd/3rd Trimester Ultrasound
    • Fetal Echocardiography
    • Growth Scan
    • Fetal Wellbeing including Biophysical Profile
    • Pelvic Ultrasound
    • Consultation Letter

    * not available in the USA and some other countries

  • Workflow and integration

    From scheduling your patient appointments, performing your exam to final storage, ViewPoint 6 fits into your workflow as a scalable solution designed to simplify your daily routine. A single click allows you to archive all exam information and send a report to an HIS/EMR or a colleague. You can also share your images and reports online with patients and physicians. ViewPoint 6 supports your ultrasound workflow, helping enhance efficiency and data quality. ViewPoint 6 connects seamlessly to your existing multi-vendor ultrasound devices and IT systems to help with efficiency and data quality while enhancing your current investment.

  • Analytics

    The analytics module  in ViewPoint 6 can help put all that data at your fingertips to look for trends and details easily and accurately. It gives you the power to create a query for any information in the database you want to learn more about, and with one click, export to other applications, like Microsoft Excel.™ 

    The ViewPoint 6 analytics tools can help you for example with:

    • Quality control
    • Workflow enhancements
    • Accreditation
    • Trending
    • Research
    • Budget planning

    Quickly and easily search for the information you’re looking for.

  • Service

    From the beginning, our extensive team of IT and ultrasound professionals are here to make sure your needs are covered. Our experienced clinical and application experts, interface and technical engineers, project managers and support teams are available to help address your specific requirements.

    The professional service team is available for individualized solutions such as new interface installations, software migrations and more.

    A software maintenance agreement (SMA) offers comprehensive service allowing you to:

    • Get help with a technical or clinical question from our helpdesk
    • Utilize remote support
    • Stay current with product updates
    • Benefit from the latest performance and stability enhancements
    • Download the latest release from our e-distribution portal