• X-ray reject rates can be as high as 25%1

  • Patient positioning is the #1 cause of X-ray rejects leading to unnecessary patient dose and impacting department bottom line1,2
  • Can take up to 7 hrs and 230 mouse clicks to access reject data3

X-Ray Quality Application helps enable you to deliver positive outcomes

  • Operational

    • Increase throughput within radiography suite
    • Reduce non-value imaging and increase capacity for diagnostic exams
    • Address state regulations which mandate repeat/reject programs
  • Clinical

    • Help reduce unnecessary radiation exposure to patients
    • Enable targeted solutions for root causes of rejected X-rays
    • Shorter exam time and increased patient comfort
  • Financial

    • Increase productivity of staff
    • Reduce time spent to manually collect and calculate RRA
    • Enable an increased capacity for reimbursable exams
product benefits

Better data. Better outcomes.

  • Visualizing trends

    Drill down to root causes and enable actionable insights with X-Ray Quality App’s visual dashboards
  • View rejected images

    Access to actual rejected images to help you identify root causes and complete your analysis
  • Technologist
    name from RIS

    Access to actual technologist name for every accession number to enable targeted training
  • ROI dashboard

    Displays potential impact of rejected images in terms of opportunity lost of billable exams.
  • Multiple vendors

    Rely on consistent and comprehensive data collected from 6 different vendors

  • On-premise enterprise solution

    Eliminates privacy and security risks from USB data transfers
  • EI/DI evaluation

    Helps reduce dose by displaying exposure/deviation indices for easy analysis

  • QAP tracking

    Tracks detector quality with visual dashboards to show trends and test results

Customer testimonials

X-Ray Quality Application helps customers reduce their repeat/reject rate

  • An academic hospital reduced department repeat/reject rate by 3% in less than 9 months4

  • A new technologist at University of Washington reduced their repeat/reject rate by 20.6% to 6.9%5
  • Humber River technologist reported an individual reduction from 12% to 3% in a 1 month period6,7

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