Minimizing unplanned disruptions of medical imaging systems can help reduce the negative impact on staff schedules, patient satisfaction and expected revenue. OnWatch is an innovative technology that remotely monitors various imaging system parameters and sends alerts to online service engineers regarding potential errors or the need to take corrective action. The ability to predict potential problems can help speed up troubleshooting and the time it takes to initiate and complete system repairs. (More / Less )

  • Monitoring technology and remote support helps optimize medical equipment performance
  • Analyzes critical subsystem elements
  • Proactively sends diagnosis to GE remote service engineers for analysis
  • Provides alerts to initiate troubleshooting or part replacement needs
  • Identifies preventative maintenance according to imaging system usage and history

OnWatch imaging system monitoring can minimize the far-reaching impacts of unplanned disruptions in your organizations workflow. Turn unplanned downtime into scheduled service events to help improve staff and patient satisfaction.