Acute Coronary


Time to intervention can be a risk: delays to reperfusion correlate with higher rates of mortality and morbidity. Approximately 80 percent of all CVD deaths are due to heart attacks.1

The Patient Journey

pre-hospital transfer
Rapid transport, ECG monitoring and patient stabilization are critical for patients having an ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction. Nearly half of potentially salvageable myocardium is lost within one hour of the coronary artery being occluded, and nearly 2/3 lost within three hours.3 The ability to send observations and test results wirelessly can be invaluable to attending physicians and interventional lab preparations — potentially enabling fast action upon arrival to aid quality patient outcomes such as door to balloon time.4
diagnosis & risk assessment
There are many potential causes of chest pain. For patients not sent immediately to the interventional lab for revascularization, guidelines suggest use of biomarkers, clinical history, ECG and non-invasive imaging measurement results, and other factors, to determine TIMI risk score which in turn can guide revascularization decisions.5 There are available estimates for sensitivity and specificity for the various non-invasive tests to diagnose the presence of CAD, but other factors are frequently considered such as equipment availability and patient tolerance.6
For patients sent for revascularization in the catheterization lab, attempts are made to rapidly access the culprit artery and complete further assessment of coronary tree. Rapid intervention can help minimize time to reperfusion from first medical contact.
patient follow-up
Follow-up treatment and rehabilitation strategies typically include non-invasive monitoring of LV function and strain.
digital foundation and innovations
Digital solutions, analytics and AI innovations such as GE Healthcare's Edison Platform, Muse and Centricity Cardio Enterprise connect our wing-to-wing technologies to practitioners for better cardiology outcomes, more efficiently.
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