GE Healthcare understands the healthcare industry is ever evolving. We strive to make healthcare accessible and affordable through development of disruptive, low-cost technologies and healthcare delivery systems. A critical element missing in the emerging economies across the world is an inclusive and sustainable healthcare solution that addresses the healthcare needs of the general populace. The challenge to efficient delivery of good-quality healthcare is the absence of skilled and well-trained Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). The availability of such HCPs is worryingly low and the demand is persistently rising. Since the healthcare requirements in emerging economies tend to be life-critical, it is imperative that the issue be resolved at the earliest. With the vision to improve access to quality and affordable health around the world, GE Healthcare Institute will work with governments, clinicians, private operators and NGOs to deliver valuable training and up-skilling solutions aimed at improving outcomes for health systems and patients.

GE Healthcare Institute team was founded to provide continuous training to healthcare professionals across the world. With this aim to provide skill-enhancement programs for HCPs, GE Healthcare Institute has already launched over 25 programs in multiple care areas including radiology, cardiology, critical care, fetal medicine and leadership training across Africa, India and South-East Asia in over 10 locations.

As a part of this initiative, GEHCI has also launched an online portal which hosts a comprehensive suite of training offerings for Healthcare Professionals across several care areas. The online courses are designed such that users can self-pace their training. Viewers can examine the detailed curriculum, faculty details and see a demo video of each course to ensure that it meets their needs. The participants can thus choose the courses that are suitable for their requirements and advance their skills in the specific focus area.

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