SIGNA™ 3T MRI scanners - a complete
70 cm portfolio

From clinical workhorse to high-end research systems, the flexible SIGNA™ 3T MRI scanner portfolio covers all of your clinical & research needs
SIGNA™ Premier
SIGNA™ Architect
SIGNA™ Pioneer

SIGNA™ Hero 3T MRI scanner – this one’s for you

Meet SIGNA™ Hero, the newest member of our 3T MRI portfolio. This hero can help you, the true heroes of radiology, do what you need to do. SIGNA™ Hero 3T MRI scanner can reduce clinician burden and make difficult exams simpler.

An enhanced experience

Improve efficiency, comfort, and workflow for both clinicians and patients

Exceptional image quality

Achieve sharper MRI scans with our pioneering deep-learning AI algorithms

Unmatched productivity

Streamline even the most challenging of clinical schedules

Committed to sustainability

Choose a more environmentally friendly MRI scanner

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SIGNA™ Premier 3T wide bore MRI scanner

Expand your imaging and research capabilities and accelerate clinical outcomes with GE HealthCare’s most powerful wide bore 3T MRI scanner. SIGNA™ Premier delivers a new performance standard for the most demanding applications and helps differentiate your services through technology, clinical capability, and patient comfort.

Innovative technology

SuperG 80/200 gradients, 146 ch TDI Rf Chain, 60 cm performance in a 70 cm bore

Clinical confidence

Revolutionary, deep-learning-based image reconstruction with AIR™ Recon DL provides sharper, clearer, and accurate images

Elevated patient comfort

Feet-first imaging & AIR™ Coils add clinical versatility, coverage & comfort

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SIGNA™ Architect 3T, 70 cm MRI scanner

The SIGNA™ Architect 3T MRI scanner provides comprehensive imaging solutions for clinical flexibility and exam versatility. It’s 360 degrees of coverage accommodates all types of patient sizes and feet-first imaging when scanning with AIR™ Coils.

Innovative technology

Set a new standard for MR imaging with powerful technology

Superior comfort

70 cm bore, feet-first imaging & AIR™ Coils elevate the patient experience

Clinical confidence

AI-based applications deliver pin-sharp images & boost clinical confidence

Operational excellence

Dockable eXpress patient table for radiation oncology & surgical suite

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SIGNA™ Pioneer wide bore MRI scanner for clinical excellence

The SIGNA™ Pioneer expands the value of advanced 3T scanner imaging for a smaller space with a wide bore MRI that is powerful, yet highly efficient. It is designed to use approximately 50% less power than conventional designs through innovative ultra-high efficiency gradient technology for tremendous energy and operational cost savings.

Innovative technology

High-performance system and increased throughput at a lower running cost

Elevated experience

AIR™ Coils & feet-first imaging provide clinical versatility & comfort

Clinical confidence

Deep-learning-based image reconstruction provides pin-sharp, accurate images

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SIGNA™ 3T MRI scanners - cutting-edge technology optimized for productivity and advanced research

Our portfolio of 3T MRI scanners are optimized for clinical productivity and high-end imaging, with tools that enable cutting-edge clinical and translational research.
Performance and stability

Best-in-class magnet homogeneity

SIGNA™ 3T MRI scanners use intelligent magnet technology that is 1.4x more efficient than previous models. They also use 67% lower helium and weigh 2.0 tons less than the previous generation magnet.* Our magnets are also part of the GE Continuum™, meaning your GE magnet stays current for multiple product generations through the SIGNA™ Evo, SIGNA™ Continuum™ and SIGNA™ Lift programs.
Innovative solutions

Powerful MR Workflow Solutions and AIR™ Coils

We made 3T MRI scanners easy and comfortable with innovative solutions that automate and personalize fundamental workflow steps:

  • - AIR x™: our revolutionary workflow tool for knee and brain exams, automatically prescribes slices using a deep-learning algorithm
  • - AIR Touch™: intelligent MRI coil selection that automatically knows the best combination for every patient
  • - AIR™ Coils: an award-winning industry first with overlapping, ultra-light, flexible coil elements to get closer to your patient, so you get closer to the truth
Paired with advanced imaging applications, these solutions deliver simply better versatility, productivity, gains and industry-leading image quality.
Mr image reconstruction

Extraordinary image quality with AIR™ Recon DL

AIR™ Recon DL has revolutionized MRI with its deep-learning-based image reconstruction algorithm. It enables democratization of imaging excellence across the portfolio and for every anatomy. From image noise to ringing, AIR™ Recon DL helps prevent artifacts from ever being introduced to your images. The result is accurate MRI images so clear and so sharp, you can be sure there is nothing in between you and what you need to see.

AIR™ Recon DL transforms 3T MRI as never before by reducing scan times up to 50% and increasing the resolution to sub-millimeter levels. AIR™ Recon DL gives you the freedom to explore the boundaries of 3T imaging.

Transform your legacy 3T MRI scanner with these upgrade options

Equip your imaging department with the capabilities to meet growing patient needs by transforming your 3T MRI scanner. Upgrade your 60 cm bore or 70 cm bore with the SIGNA™ Lift and SIGNA™ Evo programs. Get a next generation system built around your existing magnet to ascend your imaging performance and clinical capabilities to the highest level of care.

Our SIGNA™ Continuum™ is our lifetime commitment to you. It gives you the ability to combine some of the innovative hardware, electronics and imaging applications into an upgrade that best fits your needs. Take control and boost the life cycle of your SIGNA™ MRI scanner with optimized performance and productivity capabilities as well as access to an extended service warranty.

Support for your purchase and upgrade decisions

AIR™ Recon DL and AIR™ family of technologies

Delivering high-definition images without impacting patient comfort is key.

SIGNA™ Architect & AIR™ technologies JCC case study

JCC is a regional referral center and one of Canada’s busiest cancer centers.

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*Based on magnet data on file (2021) versus previous generation magnets.

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