Join the revolution, with coil designs that offer a product suite that truly conforms to the human body, like a comforting blanket.

Intelligent workflow applications automate the scan process and pair with advanced imaging applications for industry leading image quality. Together, AIR Technology™ delivers a simply better* MR experience, an experience of exceptional versatility and productivity.


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We can’t think of anything it can’t do

It’s amazing what’s possible when you don’t compromise on design and engineering. With the introduction of these new coils and workflow applications, we are only just beginning to discover all that AIR Technology™ can do. We aren’t done transforming the future of MR yet. This amazing technology won’t be limited to one system. Look for it on more GE Healthcare MR systems coming soon. Establish a simply better MR experience with AIR Technology™ today, tomorrow and long into your future.

Simply better compared to conventional coil technology.