Experience versatility

AIR™ Anterior Array Coil
    • ≥ 60% lighter design compared to previous generations of conventional coil technology
    • Clearly marked guides
    • Flexible, ultra-low profile design to fit all sizes, shapes and ages
    • Highest channel count and coverage in the industry
    • No snapping or locking
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Get closer with adaptive MR

The shape of the coil no longer determines what you can do with it. Wrap it around a knee for a complete knee image. Move it from that knee to an elbow without having to move the patient. Drape it over the torso of a high BMI patient if you need to. With the adaptive AIR Technology™ coil that is light, form fitting and easy to position, it’s the closest you can get to total positioning freedom with 360-degree coverage.
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Like being wrapped in a blanket

We wanted to design a coil that would free patients from the experience of traditional coils by replacing that experience with one that is both comfortable and comforting, like being wrapped in a blanket. AIR Technology™ not only behaves like a blanket, it truly feels like one. Its light weight is evenly distributed without any concentrated points of pressure to help patients feel more at ease. From young or claustrophobic patients to professional athletes, AIR Technology™ comfortably conforms to the size and shape of every patient.
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Every time we found ourselves starting to compromise,
we started over


This simple loop breaks every mold

It took two separate, but simultaneous research projects to develop the innovative technologies at the heart of AIR Technology™. Together, they consolidate the functionality of the coil for efficiency. This simplified design is the basis for a revolutionary coil that is lighter, offers more flexibility and provides greater coverage.*
  • E-mode electronics
    Its small size is its biggest strength

    Housed within this miniaturized module are some of the most advanced coil electronics ever developed. Our proprietary E-mode electronics reduce current noise, boost linearity and improve tolerance to varying coil loading conditions. It makes the most out of every centimeter to reduce component volume by more than 60 percent.

  • Conductor loop
    Flexibility that's way ahead of the curve

    Sometimes the right material can be the linchpin to a breakthrough innovation. For AIR Technology™, it was the conductor material for the loop. Lightweight and bendable, this series of linked resonators replaces what used to be rigid circuit boards and lumped components. It’s the flexible core of our form-fitting coil design.

It turns out you can out-engineer conventional wisdom

Developing a light, flexible loop is one thing, but finding a way to control loop-to-loop interactions was no small feat of engineering. Because of the low profile and performance of the E-mode electronics module, we were able to place it right at the base of each loop where it can better control the surrounding magnetic and electric fields. This allowed us to break free from critical overlap restrictions and arrange elements closer together.


The transformative way forward

The adaptive AIR Technology™ coils are the new standard in coil technology. With simply better versatility, comfort, design and innovation, AIR Technology™ is the transformative way forward for MR.

Simply better compared to conventional coil technology.

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