Reduce Helical Artifact Index in thin-slice helical scanning.

Faster Pitch Scanning

IQ Enhance (IQE) enables faster anatomical coverage using faster pitch helical scanning at similar Artifact Index level compared to slower helical scanning without IQE.  This coverage speed is equivalent to that of wider detectors (50 slice equivalent) at same table speed.1

1. Helical Artifact Index is defined as: ((SD value at ROI1)2 - (SD value at ROI2)^2)1/2. Two helical data sets were acquired to compute a Helical Artifact Index. Both helical acquisitions were acquired using kV:120, Gantry Rotation: 0.8S, Slice Thickness: 1.25mm, SFOV: Large, DFOV: 32cm, Start/End: S200-I370 and reconstructed using 512 matrix. One data set was acquired at 1.75:1 pitch with table speed of 37.5mm per rotation with IQ Enhance ON at 260mA and the other using 0.562:1 pitch with table speed of 11.25mm per rotation with IQ Enhance OFF at 160mA.