PET/CT is made for personalized care. High resolution and exceptional sensitivity allow it to detect small lesions, and quantitative tools make it possible to more accurately monitor therapy. It reaches beyond oncology with disease-specific tracers for neurology and cardiology. Our goal is to help deliver on the promise of personalized care by helping you see more, see smaller, see clearly and see changes.
Omni Legend
Discovery MI Gen 2
Discovery IQ Gen 2

Omni Legend

Omni Legend is the first system we’re introducing on our all-new, all-digital Omni platform. The remarkable digital detector design at its core delivers high resolution, as well as an unparalleled increase in true NEMA sensitivity, delivering the highest sensitivity per centimeter in the market¹.

See small lesions2

Better than the top-of-the-line digital platform2

High sensitivity and resolution

Powered by an all-new digital detector

Ultra-fast scanning

With enhanced workflow and multi-dimensional clinical flexibility

Discovery MI Gen 2

Our goal is to expand your clinical perspective with up to 30 centimeters of coverage, system sensitivity of up to 30 cps/kBq, trusted Q.Clear quantitation, and the proven clarity of MotionFree images. The promise of the digital PET experience is stronger than ever with next generation digital PET technology and an efficient technologist experience provided by Discovery MI Gen 2.

Smaller lesions

Up to a 41% increase in small lesion detectability3

Highest sensitivity

Achieve a 125% increase in sensitivity4


Deep-learning based image reconstruction with Revolution EVO Gen 3 CT

Discovery IQ Gen 2

While delivering high NEMA sensitivity and clinical NECR, Discovery IQ Gen 2 also provides improvements to two core pillars of excellent PET/CT imaging - motion correction and quantitation accuracy.

High NEMA sensitivity

for exceptional small lesion detectability

High clinical NECR

for clinical 18F

Enhanced patient care

comfort and satisfaction

Motion correction & quantitation accuracy

Improvements to two core pillars of PET/CT imaging


The first-ever respiratory motion management solution that doesn’t include a gating device. It’s always there, actively monitoring respiratory motion in the background of every PET/CT procedure.

No need for a gating device

Initiating MotionFree is as easy as selecting a protocol

Up to a 67% improvement

in lesion volume measurements5

Avoid adding to patient setup time

Up to a 30 percent improvement in quantitation accuracy6

Improve the patient experience

Enable a reduction in total procedure times by up to 11 minutes7

  1. Omni Legend 32 cm has highest sensitivity per cm for conventional (non-total body) PET/CT systems. Data On File.
  2. Omni Legend 32 cm increases small lesion detectability 16% on average and up to 20%, as compared to Discovery™ MI 25 cm with matched scan time/injected dose, as demonstrated in phantom testing using a model observer with 4 mm lesions; average of different reconstruction methods.
  3. Discovery MI Gen 2 30 cm increases small lesion detectability by 28% on average and up to 41%, as compared to Discovery MI 25 cm with matched scan time / injected dose (as demonstrated in phantom testing).
  4. Discovery MI Gen 2 30 cm and compared to Discovery MI 20 cm.
  5. Compared to non-processed (STATIC, no motion-correction) data. As demonstrated in phantom testing using a typical and fast respiratory model, 18 mm Ge-68 spheres, and OSEM reconstruction.
  6. As demonstrated in phantom testing using a typical and fast respiratory model and OSEM reconstruction. Quantitative accuracy improvements are based on SUVmean.
  7. Compared to device-based respiratory gating.

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