Adding confidence to your surgical imaging capabilities for spinal and advanced orthopedic procedures
Adding confidence to your surgical imaging capabilities for spinal and advanced orthopedic procedures

Product Overview 

Brivo Plus

Precision in vision 

OEC Brivo Plus features work for you with automated, smart image adjustments to create crisp images even in challenging situations. Like an eagle that can pinpoint moving and difficult-to-see objects, this system’s Eagle-Eye precision with automated smart image adjustments empowers spinal surgeons to perform confidently in difficult imaging situations. The advanced features  of the OEC Brivo Plus makes it the perfect choice for your advanced Orthopedic and spinal procedures.  

See More Clearly with Eagle-Eye Intelligence – built-in automated features that create precise and sophisticated imaging.

  • New Smart AutoTrak locates & adjusts image when anatomy is not properly centered
  • Auto SmartMetal compensates for metal in the field
  • Auto Window increase brightness, and illustrates sharp bone edge to improve IQ

Operate Confidently with

  • Real time length and angle measurement on images reduces uncertainity during complex spinal procedures
  • Easy data management with 1,00,000 image storage capacity

Work Simply in complex operating environment with features like       

  • Point and shoot laser aimer promotes ease-of-use and assists additional accuracy
  • Dual  pedal footswitch with two imaging modes provides quick access
  • Extensive positioning capability (410 ° radial rotation , 120 ° orbital rotation, 25 ° wig wag ) designed to help you easily capture the images . Reduces need to move patient during procedures

Low Dose: with 33% higher frequency generator: producing less X Ray , OEC Brivo helps you create the right image at the right dose. 

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