Work Smarter, Not Harder

A simple, fast and precise ultrasound for every moment, GE Healthcare’s Venue Go™ point of care ultrasound is designed to simplify the complex. Venue Go is built with advanced and automated clinical tools to help monitor patient progress even in unpredictable, chaotic environments and support your life-saving decisions. Featuring a uniquely adaptable design that goes from cart to table to wall, Venue Go supports Point of Care medicine across clinical needs and physical spaces from MSK to pediatrics and ED to the ICU or OR.

What’s new with the Venue Go™?

AI tools enable you to quickly diagnose, treat and determine a care pathway. Expanded documentation and simplification features help you work smarter, not harder.

Designed for Point of Care

Venue Go Features
  • Cable management

    Transducers on top keep cables off the ground
  • Full-screen mode

    Simple user interface
  • 15” monitor

    Sized for the environment and designed for easy repositioning and simple transport
  • Multipurpose handle

    Adjustable system height and additional cord management channels
  • Uniquely adaptable

    Exclusive cradle enables system to go from cart to table to wall

Inspired by Your Point of Care

No two patients are the same, nor are the needs of physicians. The Venue Go ultrasound system was developed specifically for point of care medicine and inspired by physician feedback. Built with a small footprint, an easy-to-clean touchscreen and an intuitive interface, Venue Go is built for your point of care.

Simplify Your Workflow

  • AI-enabled tools
    Our AI-enabled tools utilize proprietary algorithms that synthesize patient data. This enables fast patient assessments and diagnoses with clinical confidence.

  • Battery powered
    Equipped with long-lasting batteries that provide active scan times of up to 2 hours. Venue Go has an easy to see count-down timer that changes color when you are running low.

  • Easy to use
    Venue Go helps clinicians begin imaging quickly with features such as easy graphical documentation, gesture control, and quick transducer selection to help improve efficiency.

  • Cart to table to wall
    Built for portability, Venue Go is designed to go from cart to table to wall with ease. Built with a small footprint, its ergonomic design makes it a take-anywhere system.

  • Built for durability
    With a 15” touchscreen durable enough to withstand bumps, bangs and splashes, it will not hit the wall thanks to the bumpers and multipurpose handles on the systems.

  • Infection control
    A seamless flat display—with no knobs, keyboards, or other creviced surfaces—may help to reduce healthcare-acquired infections.

  • One shared platform
    One common platform shared between Venue Go, Venue and Venue Fit gives users the same experience regardless of system being used and enables facilities to simplify their training protocols.

1. Auto VTI can provide up to 90% reduction in keystrokes and take up to 82% less time than manual method calculations, as performed by experts. Based on GE Internal study with Venue Go DOC2254811.
2. In one study, the IVC measures were equivalent to an expert user’s ability 87% of the time for minimal diameters and 92% for maximal diameters. Venue Go R2 Technical Product Claims Document DOC2199650.
3. A recent study found the Auto B-lines tool to be comparable to and as highly reliable as visual counting performed by experts. ShortJ, Acebes C, Rodriguez-de-Lema G, et al. Visual versus automatic ultrasound scoring of lung B-lines: reliability and consistency between systems. Med Ultrasonography 2019, Vol 21 no1, 45049 DOI: 10.11152/mu-1885.
4. Supporting evidence for Venue and Venue Go is documented in DOC2391130. Supporting evidence for Venue Fit is documented in DOC2454794.
5. Requiring up to 80% fewer keystrokes, this tool helps clinicians quickly assess and document patient status – from internal bleeding to a pneumothorax – by mapping key areas of the body in a way that is intuitive and aligned with clinical workflows. eFAST Comparison Study: Manual vs. Venue Automation, GE Internal Study DOC2222911.


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