• Elevating the standard of care

    Offering best-in-class algorithms and one of the industry's most configurable monitors with actionable alarms—the CARESCAPE B650 monitor also offers consistent hemodynamics and cardiac measurements using the CARESCAPE Patient Data Module (PDM).
  • A long-term investment with maximum return

    The CARESCAPE monitoring platform is built on open architecture and industry standards to integrate fully and easily within your hospital infrastructure and preserve your legacy investments. Clinical intelligence from multiple sources, like the telemetry system, lab results, medications, the MUSE cardiology information system, and more, can be brought directly to the bedside.
  • Scale effortlessly

    Scale your monitoring capabilities by adding specialty parameters such as NMT, entropy, EEG, anesthetic-agent measurements, volumetric CO2 and O2 , PiCCO, cardiac output, SvO2 and dual SpO2.
  • Software tailored to your care areas

    Designed to work seamlessly across your patient care ecosystem, the CARESCAPE B650 monitor features dedicated software packages for operating room, post anesthesia, intensive care, neonatal, and emergency department.
  • Because you depend on accuracy

    Offering consistent algorithms throughout the CARESCAPE monitoring platform, the CARESCAPE B650 monitor incorporates advanced features such as smart lead fail and four-simultaneous-lead arrhythmia analysis enabled through GE Healthcare’s trusted EK-Pro algorithm. Workflows are streamlined by performing a diagnostic-quality, 12-lead ECG at the bedside using 12SL algorithm; further clinical context is provided directly at the bedside through a serial comparison powered by GE Healthcare’s MUSE cardiology information system. An additional benefit of the 12SL algorithm is consistent QT/QTc measurements to help identify patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest. These technologies, and more, provide the accuracy clinicians depend on.
  • Support clinical decision making

    Clinicians need tools to help them quickly identify changes in patient status to determine the appropriate clinical care. The CARESCAPE portfolio includes tools that assist with clinical decision support, such as customizable page views for neurology, respiratory, cardiac, or other specialty views to quickly assess a patient’s condition at a glance.

    • SPV and PPV parameter measurements may quickly assess a patient’s responsiveness to fluids
    • GE Healthcare’s metabolics package can quickly help assess energy expenditure vs. caloric intake to help wean patients and reduce length of stay
    • Reference templates provide easy identification of ST segment changes to quickly identify an ST elevation or depression, which may allow you to respond faster to a myocardial infarction (MI)

    Whether using histograms or mini-trends, or supplementing the CARESCAPE software with additional GE Healthcare tools such as serial comparison from the MUSE cardiology information system, CARESCAPE patient monitors help support clinicians make informed clinical decisions.

  • Because no two hospitals are the same

    The CARESCAPE monitors offer the most configurability of any monitor on the market—allowing you to customize the default configuration to match your workflows and patient populations. Using eight unique profiles, caregivers can quickly select the appropriate profile, such as pediatrics, and know the monitor defaults are configured for a pediatric patient—whether in the ICU, ED, or Neuro ICU. By customizing arrhythmia priority, alarm limits, tone and escalation, as well as a host of other settings, the CARESCAPE software offers alarm committees and hospital administrators a powerful tool to drive standardization.

Supporting Materials

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