CARESCAPE ONE monitor is the only patient-transport monitor you need. Intuitively designed with smart- parameter technology, it provides complete, uninterrupted data with full flexibility across multiple care areas.
precise, intuitive, scalable, and dependable patient monitoring across care areas

Clinical precision, Intuitive design, Dependable technology and Scalable Platform

  • B1X5M and B1x5P Patient Monitor Systems

    The B1x5M and B1x5P range of patient monitors deliver excellent performance for inpatient monitoring while providing exceptional value. It provides accurate and timely medical data, powering enhanced care for patients across care areas.
high acuity care areas

Extreme performance for your most critical patients

Designed by clinicians, for clinicians, our clinically advanced, highly configurable CARESCAPE monitors offer high flexibility, world-class algorithms, intuitive displays, seamless connectivity, and more – in a platform to serve you today, and in the future.
mid/low acuity patient care

Dependable accuracy for lower acuity patients

Our B40, B105, and B125 patient monitors deliver reliable, accurate performance even in the most challenging care environments. Simple and intuitive, yet flexible for low/mid-level acuity patients, they provide advanced algorithms, an intuitive user interface, and flexibility for stand-alone use or interfaced to a network of devices.
    central station

    Powerful insight. Streamlined design.

    • CARESCAPE Central Station

      Designed for space optimization and workflow efficiency, the CARESCAPE™ Central Station transforms an ordinary central station into a clinician-centric workstation. By integrating monitoring and historical data from multiple sources, it helps you make fast, confident decisions, all in an efficient, space-saving package.
    vital signs patient monitors

    A trusted name in vital signs monitoring

    With its DINAMAP™ technology, CARESCAPE vital signs monitors support patient comfort while delivering high clinical accuracy. Reliable, fast, and easy to use, they include world-class algorithms and simple configurations.
      • Connectivity

        Consistent, uninterrupted data across the clinical continuum is essential to insights that inform quality care. GE Healthcare’s connectivity solutions help you tie device data together automatically and seamlessly to provide a complete picture of each patient’s condition, enabling prompt and confident clinical decisions.
      • Mobility Solutions

        Clinicians today are constantly asked to do more: bigger patient loads, higher acuities, more steps per shift. GE Healthcare’s mobility solutions deliver the right data to the right person at the right time—to smartphones and other mobile devices, in forms easy to read and understand.
      • Accessories and Supplies

        GE Healthcare offers a wide range of innovative and accurate ECG, cardiac-output, invasive-pressure, and temperature supplies for more productive and efficient care.
      • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Cuffs

        As a pioneer in non-invasive blood pressure monitoring for more than 40 years, GE Healthcare offers a wide selection of blood pressure cuffs for patients of all ages and sizes, including bariatric patients.

      Clinical parameters

      GE Healthcare’s rich legacy of measurement technologies provides a comprehensive view of your patient’s state, adding clarity and quick decision support when seconds count.

      Clinical View. A resource by clinicians for clinicians.

      Driven by GE Healthcare’s commitment to clinical excellence, Clinical View is a free resource for medical professionals intended to provide educational materials and clinical information that advances best practices for monitoring across the continuum of care.


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