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The Patient Journey

Precision Health in care pathways enable the right outcome, for the right patient, delivered at precisely the right point of care, using solutions that help improve outcomes, efficiency and cost. Our comprehensive portfolio supports you across the entire patient journey:

Our Heart care Solutions Portfolio

Diagnostic Cardiology

Resting ECG Mac 2000

Stress ECG Case 21

Holter ECG Seer 1000

Muse Cardiology Information Systems

Our Ultrasound Solutions

  • Vivid™ T8

    Patient Care. Elevated

    Part of the Vivid™ product family, with Windows® 10, and common SW platform

    • Lightweight (132 lbs./60 Kg.) and easy to transport
    • Easy to disinfect* (control panel, probes)
    • Smart Standby mode with battery – up to 40 minutes Standby without AC power supply, ready to scan within <5>
    • WIFI connection for fast transfer of images from isolated care areas
    • Control panel and touch panel can be operated with gloves on
    • Lung scan is supported with 4C-RS, 12L-RS, and 3Sc-RS
    • AFI with Auto EF for rapid LV Strain and EF assessment
    • Cardiac Auto Doppler – automated Doppler tracing and measurements with minimal user interaction
    • Support 13 probes: sector, linear, convex, TEE, and P2D

Our Interventional Solutions

  • OEC Elite CFD

    Cardiac in motion
    • Experience 1:1 detail from CMOS detector and 32” 4K display
    • Visualize 0.014” guidewires in thoracic region
    • Motorized drive
    Precision in placement
    • Zoom up to 4X and take added shots with no change in technique
    • No visible lag or ghosting from prior image
    Optimized cardiac profile
    • Enhanced Noise reduction (eNR) automatically reduces noise while retaining definition of device tips and edges
    • Dynamic range management
    Plug and Play solution
    • No separate power line required; easy to set up
    • Maximize your ROI

Our Diagnostic Care Solutions

  • MAC™ 2000

    Equipped with the cutting-edge Marquette™* 12SL analysis program, our MAC 2000 resting ECG system ensures standardization of ECG information and helps clinicians make faster and more accurate diagnoses.
  • CASE™ T2100ST2

    The CASE T2100-ST2 treadmill features an extra-long and extra-wide walking surface as well as a zero-start feature that gradually increases speed for patient comfort and smooth operation. It can be stopped using several different methods to achieve the desired result.
  • MUSE V9 Cardiology Information System

    Connects the data you need, bridging the gap between departments, facilities, systems, vendors, and modalities
    • Salient Features of DCAR products
    • Accuracy
    • Better connectivity
    • Readability
    • Improved performance
    • Reliable performance
    • Ease of use
    • Better signal quality
    • Improved risk prediction
  • SEER 1000

    The SEER™ 1000 app-driven Holter Recorder utilizes innovative technology to establish patient and physician confidence right from the start.
  • Artificial Intelligence:
    Solving Effectiveness and Efficiencies

    Edison™ Applications
    Integrated, A.I. powered technologies help you make sound diagnostic decisions, operate at peak efficiency and deliver positive patient outcomes.

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