• "As healthcare is changing and evolving, there are some very key points that we have to stay focused on, The documentation needs to be clear, it needs to be concise and it needs to be data-driven. We are able to mine and abstract quite a bit of data out of the CPN system. It gives us the information we need. And because it is in a clear, concise, easy-to-use format, it keeps the nurse at the bedside.”

    Randi Elliott, RN
    Chief Nursing Officer
    Baylor Frisco, Frisco TX

Centricity Perinatal Connect Module

  • Centricity Perinatal Connect Web Module

    Centricity Perinatal Web module enables near real time analysis of the fetal monitor strip via the Web. This technology allows quick access to the fetal strip via a tablet from virtually anywhere — when and where you need it. You can view the strip, record a comment, and review annotations, whether inside or outside of the hospital. The module helps you increase your efficiency and optimize communication between caregivers, ultimately helping you to make faster, more informed decisions to enhance patient care.


    • View the fetal monitoring strip via your tablet from virtually anywhere
    • Review annotations documented on the fetal monitoring strip
    • Record a comment on the fetal monitoring strip

    Key Features

    • View near real-time fetal monitoring data for your patients
    • Review historical fetal monitoring data for your patients across multiple visits
    • View annotations made in Centricity Perinatal, Centricity Perinatal Connect module, or Centricity Perinatal Web module
    • View documentation made in your HIS/EMR system and inbounded via a discrete interface to Centricity Perinatal

    Download the Centricity Perinatal Web Module brochure

    Download the Centricity Perinatal Web Infographic

Centricity Perinatal - Connect Module with Fetal Strip Analytics

  • Centricity Perinatal Central Surveillance

    We reimagined the central surveillance experience. A fresh new visual design provides caregivers a modern toolset to monitor their patients at a glance.

    Central surveillance is vital for clinicians in a busy labor and delivery environment. The multi-bed display is optimized around the workflow of the clinician who needs to quickly recognize potential areas of concern for a single patient as well as all active FMS within the entire unit. Central provides new visual and audible notifications to draw the clinician's attention to possible trends in fetal monitoring activity.  

    Innovative new features include:

    • Enhanced clinical decision support with visual Fetal Monitor Strip Analytics and hi/low notifications
    • Ability to prioritize strips of interest for greater visibility
    • Scrollable strip review on screen with live surveillance for quick convenient assessment
    • Dynamic display showing active fetal monitoring across multiple units
    • Touch screen compatibility to give more data at the swipe of a finger
    • New options for visual arrangement and bed configuration

    Download the Centricity Perinatal Surveillance Brochure

    View the Connect Central Surveillance Video


EMR Interoperability




Case Studies



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    ** The number shown on the Baby Ticker is calculated using an algorithm compromised of various factors to estimate the arrival of Centricity Perinatal babies, and as such, may not display an accurate day or time for the arrival of each baby. GE makes no representation or warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the Baby Ticker, and specifically, does not represent or warrant that the information displayed by the Baby Ticker is accurate, complete or current. GE disclaims loss for which may arise from the reliance on or use of information displayed on the Baby Tracker.

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